Prima Klima Cooltube 155mm with Reflector Miro9 590mm

Cool tube 155/590mm

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CoolTubes are lamp holders and reflectors in one, which are directly connected to the ventilation

This model is 590mm long and offers a connection for a ventilation hose with 155mm flange

There are now also cheap CoolTubes from No Name manufacturers. But we offer only original CoolTubes of the brand Prima Klima on.

What are the benefits and advantages of CoolTubes?

NDL bulbs become very hot during operation. For this reason they must be placed sufficiently far away from the plants. If there is little space available, it is sometimes not possible to place the lamps far enough away from the plants.

CoolTubes consist of a glass shell in which the lamp is installed. Fresh air must constantly flow through this glass tube so that the lamp is cooled. In this way the lamp can be hung closer above the plants.

The most important advantage: because the lamps hang closer above the plants, the plants receive more light and can develop even better.

What are the disadvantages and problems of CoolTubes?

Correct installation of CoolTubes: When using tube push fans, make sure that the fan is placed in front of the CoolTube so that the air is blown through the CoolTube - not sucked in. The reason: the air coming out of the CoolTube is sometimes so hot that a tube pusher fan can be damaged or even catch fire.

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EAN 8594171430947
Article category Top price-performance ratio
Flange (pipe diameter) 160mm
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Kühlt meine NDL ohne Probleme, dazu super Preis/Leistung!!

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