Osram Plantastar 250W Combination Lamp

Osram Plantastar 250 Watt, sodium vapour lamp, flowering lamp, with 20% increased blue content

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Osram Plantastar 250 Watt flowering lamp. Special plant lamp with 20% increased blue content for growth promotion during the flowering phase.

This special plant lamp is a so-called combination lamp. This means it is suitable for both the growth phase (vegation phase) and the flowering phase. Combination lamps are generally used when the budget is limited. Optimal conditions are only achieved if different (=optimal) light sources are used in the growth phase and in the flowering phase.

It is a sodium vapour lamp.

Important! This offer only includes the illuminant.
For operation is also necessary:

  • a suitable ballast fitting or ballast unit (the wattage of the ballast unit must match the lamp)
  • one reflector
  • an E40 socket

In our shop you can put together everything individually. If you are not sure, then take a look at our HPS complete sets.

What are HPS and MHL-Grow lamps and how are they optimally used?

Sodium vapour lamps are normally only used in the vegetation and flowering phase. In the germination phase, ESL (energy-saving lamps) or LSR (fluorescent tubes) are usually used (also available in our shop).

For the growth phase, a lamp with an increased blue component should be used.

A lamp with an increased red light component should be used during the flowering phase. This is particularly important because certain hormones in the plant lead to increased flower production.

The required power of the lamp is calculated according to the rule of thumb 400 W per m².

Metal halide lamps are well suited for the growth phase, as the plant is stimulated to rapid growth by the higher blue component.

Grow Guru Tips for HPS lamps

Tip no. 1: When using HPS lamps we recommend a cooling device. The CoolTubes (available in our shop) are ideal for this purpose. CoolTubes are reflectors with integrated lamp socket that are connected to a ventilation system. Here, fresh air constantly flows around the lamp.

Tip #2: You're a beginner at Growing-Area? Then we recommend a complete set for beginners. The complete sets are available in different sizes, depending on the project size: 250 watts / 400 watts / 600 watts. We also have a complete set for the narrow purse (Low Budget Grow Set) in the offer. However, we recommend our complete set "Value". It is of higher quality and you will achieve better results.

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Data sheet
EAN 4008321240620
Growth phase of the plant Combi (growth and flowering)
Watt 250 watts
Version E40
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Habe diese NDL seit Jahren im Einsatz, und bin mehr als zufrieden.
Guter Wuchs und gute Blüte.
Zeitschaltuhr und Vorschaltgerät benötigt man unbedingt aber da sollte man auf ein hochwertiges elektronisches sparen, denn die billigen sind uU gefährlich sogar.
400W eignen sich perfekt für 1x1 - 1,5x1,5 m".
Chili, Kakteen, manche nehmens auch für Hanf, usw usf. Auch für Aufzucht von Sämlingen jeder Art im Frühjahr. Wunderbar.

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Mit diesen Lampen fühlen sich meine Pflanzen bei der Wachstumsphase wohl. Die passen auch für die Blüte sehr gut.

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Gute Verarbeitung, sehr langlebig. Bin sehr zufrieden.
Osram halt.

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Die Lampe wird von mir bereits beim 2. Grow angewendet und arbeitet einwandfrei. Den Pflanzen scheint sie sehr gut zu tun ;-)

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