SANlight Q3W S2.1 Gen2 120 W

Plant lamp of the latest generation from the proven Q-LED series of the Austrian manufacturer SANlight.

  • effective power: 120 W
  • 60 x 60 cm illumination area
  • up to 100 000 hours lifetime

Sanlight power cord and dimmer sold separately

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New prodigy from the market leader

SANlight is a brand name that's hard to pass by when it comes to plant lighting - and rightly so, in our opinion. Based in Austria, the company simply produces the best and most powerful indoorGrowing - LEDs on the market and still manages to develop further with each new release.

This is also the case with the second generation of the proven Q series, which is now streaming into stores in an optimized form, thus replacing its predecessors. In this optimization SANlight focuses first on the performance: in all lamps of the new generation are highly efficient 2mm² high power chips from well-known manufacturers installed, which give the effective performance of the LEDs a big boost. For comparison: while the old Q6W manages 215 W, the new version with 245 W has almost 15% more power with the same consumption . However, the chips themselves are not only impressive in terms of efficiency; due to their design, they are excellently protected against environmental influences and achieve a service life of up to 100,000 hours

Although the Q6W is also the flagship of SANlight's new edition of tried-and-tested LEDs, it is by no means the only second-generation plant lamp. For Growerwho need it maybe one size smaller, we offer among others the Q4W S2.1 Gen2. An overview of the products of the Austrian company can be found on our SANlight manufacturer page.

Use the full potential of your light

The long life of its LED chips is also due to a sophisticated secondary optics that SANlight has integrated into the lamps. This serves primarily to keep the light output of the plant lights high even after prolonged use and at the same time to direct the emitted light directly to your lamps as far as possible without scattering. Since experience has shown that dirt in difficult areas in particular leads to a reduction in light output, SANlight has decided not to allow dirt to reach the individual LEDs at all. The easy-to-clean secondary optics catch the dirt and can be cleaned quickly and easily with a damp cloth. Furthermore, it ensures a beam angle of 90 °, so that the light does not first pass over the reflective surfaces of your Growbox plants via the reflective surfaces of your plants. This allows them to use more than 95% of the photons for themselves and convert them into valuable energy for growth and flowering.

The light spectrum of the lamp has also been adapted to precisely meet the needs of fruiting plants, whether during growth or flowering:

Fig. 1: Radiation characteristics Fig. 2: Color spectrum

The daisy-chain concept leaves all your options open

The daisy-chain is a simple way to connect in series, which SANlight now brings to your growroom with the new Q LED generation. Your box is too big, the lamp can't illuminate the entire cultivation area or you want to bring even more light to the area? Simply switch two, three, x LEDs in a row through the simple plug-and-play system

In general, the Austrian manufacturer has placed great emphasis on user-friendliness and application when designing the second series. Thus, all new Q LEDs are dimmable (the dimmer must be purchased separately) and thus give you control over the light output

ECO or EXPERT - decide for yourself

"Requirements of gardeners to their illuminants can be as different as the requirements of the illuminants to their gardeners"

With this sentence SANlight introduces its new Eco / Expert setup; this basically means the power density for a given area.

Figure 3: ECO/EXPERT application table

This can have decisive consequences for your plants. While the beginner-friendly ECO setup is easy on your wallet as well as on your plants and thus forgives one or two mistakes, the EXPERT setup requires the experience of a professional. Too much light can also be harmful, as your plants will gradually be pushed to their limits. We therefore strongly recommend that you do not forego effective dimming when using the Expert setup, and that you do not use the full power of your LEDs until the flowering phase. The differences are of course also reflected in the yield: if you grow with Eco, you can easily achieve the same profit as with sodium vapor lamps of the same power class - but with a power saving of 50%. If you are confident in your ability to handle the Expert system, you can take your harvest to new heights in quality and quantity and still have 35% lower energy consumption than growing with conventional NDLs.

Technical Details

  • Typical power consumption: 120 watts
  • Cultivation area: ECO Setup: 60 x 60 cm
  • Power factor: < 0.95
  • Input voltage range: 90 - 305 VAC
  • PPF: 624 µmol/ S
  • Module efficiency 2.7 µmol/ J
  • Emission wavelength: 400 - 780 nm
  • Emission angle: 90
  • permissible ambient temperature: 5° - 40° C
  • max. relative humidity: 90%
  • Weight: 4,2 kg
  • Protection class: IP40
  • 3 years warranty
  • 90% light output after 100.000 operating hours

Scope of delivery

Sanlight Q-Series fixtures are supplied without power cables as standard, as the models operate in both standalone and daisy chaining modes, which require different connection cables. All power cables and connection cables are available in our store.

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