Sanlight Gen2 Q Series Dimmer

Magnetic dimmer from SANlight for all LEDs of the Q-Series Generation 2

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Art. Nr.:LEDSL28

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Dim in four steps from 40-100% power

The dimmer consists of a plug and a keychain-sized switch. You can switch your light bulb in four levels

  • 40% power
  • 60% power
  • 80% power
  • 100% power

Of course, the consumption will be adjusted accordingly, i.e. with a set power of 60% your LED will only consume 60% of its normal input current.

The dimming level you set is indicated by three LEDs on the dimmer:

  • 40%: no lamp is on
  • 60%: one lamp is on
  • 80%: two lamps on
  • full power: all LEDs on

Give your plants their own sunrise

The SANlight M-Dimmer also supports a sunrise function. During this function the LED increases its power from 0% to the last value you set. A single orange LED signals that you have activated the function.

Please note that even with daisy-chaining, each LED must be equipped with its own dimmer!

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