WaterTrim water filter 3500

Water filter for the production of demineralized water for plant cultivation. VE water has a conductivity of less than 0.02 mS and is free of dissolved and undissolved lime

Watertrim Filter cartridges, unlike reverse osmosis systems, do not produce wastewater.

The Watertrim 3500 produces up to 3500L of deionized water at 10° dH.

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Water filter for the production of the best ultrapure water for plant cultivation with a conductivity of less than 0.02 mS.

The ultrapure water is almost free from all salts, lime and pollutants. Only H2O remains. It has a more ph-negative value from the outset. This means that the addition of ph- can be dispensed with when preparing the nutrient solution.

The ultrapure water is used to prepare a highly effective nutrient solution that focuses exclusively on the needs of the plant and filters out all interfering factors.
In addition, there will be no calcification in the irrigation and the purity of the irrigation will be improved.

Easy and convenient handling:

The filters allow a fast flow rate (900 l/h or 15 l/min)
The filter is easily installed in the water hose by quick release system.
Our filters work on the ion exchange principle, which processes your tap water into the best purest water.
The WaterTrim filters process the tap water completely. I.e. no waste water is produced! Which means besides the ecological aspect also a financial saving potential.
The filters work even at very low tap pressure. Just 0.5 bar is required as a minimum.
After a one-time purchase of the filter, it can be quickly and easily refreshed by an exchange regeneration in a specialist shop. To do this, simply return the used filter cartridge to the specialty store and purchase a regeneration.

Technical details:

  • Flow rate approx. 900 l/h
  • Total flow rate at 10°dH 3500 l
  • Total flow rate at 20°dH 2500 l
  • Total flow rate at 30°dH 1500 l
  • Total height 60,5 cm
  • Outer diameter: 25,7 cm
  • Weight dry: approx. 20 kg
  • Pressure resistance up to 10 bar

Drainage note:
Roughly pre-drain the cartridge by tilting it or placing it "overhead" and seal it with the sealing screws for transport.

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Article category High End
Growth phase of the plant Combi (growth and flowering)
Cultivation medium All media
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