Theiling Polar Continuous Cooler

  • Adjustment possibilities (3°C - 32°C) in 1°C steps
  • Switch-on protection
  • Automatic overheating protection
  • Digital temperature controller

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Polar refrigeration units from Theiling, are very powerful units, which are equipped with CFC free refrigerant. In addition, the unit has a safety circuit that immediately shuts down the unit if overheating should occur. Thanks to the integrated air filter that can be changed from the outside, extends the maintenance intervals.

The water cooler is resistant to very many chemicals and also salt water.


Switch-on protection

To avoid too frequent switching on and off of the device, the cooler switches on again at the earliest 3 minutes after a switch-off.

Automatic overheating protection: if there is a problem with the temperature sensor or if the motor overheats, the unit will shut down.

Technical data:

Power supply: 230V/50 Hz

Refrigerant: R 134A

Connection: hose connection 20 and 25 mm ID

Power consumption: Variant (250L = 1,2A ) : (500L = 1,8A) : (1500L = 2,4A)

Power consumption: Variant (250L = 160W) : (500L = 190W) : (1500L = 375W)

Cooling capacity: Variant (250L = 300W) : (500L = 400W) : (1500L = 800W)

Flow rate per hour:

Variant (250L = 600-2200 l/h

Variant (500L = 1000-2500 l/h

Variant (1500L = 1200-3000 l/h

Dimensions (LxWxH)

Variant (250L and 500L = 435 x 295 x 470 mm)

Variant 1500L (460 x 320 x 595 mm)

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