Growth Technology ph Buffer 7.01 300 ml

ph buffer from Growth Technology to calibrate your ph meter.

pH value: 7.01

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The calibration of measuring instruments ensures the accuracy of a measured value and is an indispensable part of measuring technology. If you want to be sure that your plants are supplied with a correctly adjusted nutrient solution, you depend on an accurate pH measurement. To achieve this you should calibrate your pH meter (and all your meters) regularly. This is necessary when:

  • a new meter or after replacing important components
  • a new growth cycle
  • use in aggressive chemicals
  • a high required measurement accuracy
  • prolonged use

To protect the electrodes integrated in the pH meters, it is also advisable to use a neutral storage solution for your measuring instruments. A useful and frequently used medium for this case is potassium chloride (KCl)

The calibration solutions of Growth Technology offer a reliable way to calibrate your pH meter with pinpoint accuracy, protect your measuring instruments from wear and tear, and thus support you in the healthy cultivation of your plants. Besides the pH 7.01 Buffer we also offer:

  • pH 4.01 Buffer
  • KCl
  • EC 12.88

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