AUTOPOT easy2grow AquaValve5 System (15l Pots)

  • Powerless passive irrigation system
  • No supervision needed for several days
  • Mid-range system with 15L pots (2 pots share one water valve)
  • Advantage of AQUAvalve5: 9mm pipe diameter (less risk of clogging)

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AutoPot Easy2Grow Aquavalve5 System is an automatic watering system.

It is comparable to a "water reservoir" and offers your plants automatic watering for up to 4 weeks without electricity, timers and, above all, without having to make complicated settings.

This makes the Easy2Grow system ideal for all gardeners who do not have time to take care of their plants every day or who cannot manually provide them with the optimal amount of water every day.

The 3 main advantages of the AutoPot system

Main benefit 1: Powerless

In any AutoPot irrigation system, once the system is connected to the water supply, it controls the flow of water to the plants by gravity.

Key benefit 2: Responsive

The AutoPot system is an exceptionally responsive watering system.

When the plant runs out of water, the water valve opens to supply water up to a height of 20mm and then closes automatically. As soon as the plants have used up the nutrient solution, the AQUAvalve opens again and the cycle repeats itself. This means there is no need to guess the individual water needs of each plant or compensate for different conditions.

Main advantage 3: AQUAvalve5 has a 66% larger pipe cross-section

The maintenance effort is reduced and the risk of blockages is extremely minimized.

Notes on substrate

Preferably do not use soil in the AutoPot Easy2Grow and Classic systems, but always use a light and airy substrate. The ideal substrate for Autopot systems is a mix of 50% perlite or hydrogranules with 50% soil or coco.

Important: If you use hydrocorrels, they must be pH-stable!

Planting tips

Tip 1: Soak at the beginning

Once you have prepared your plants for about a week, you can plant them in the AutoPot system pots. Then place the pots outside or in the sink and fill them liberally with water. Fill them until the water runs out of the pots, then let them drain for about 10 minutes before putting them back in the bowls.

Tip 2: Plants must first take root while watering by hand

After planting the pots, wait 7 to 10 days before turning on the system. During this time, you can water by hand (from above) if needed.

Tip 3: pay attention to the PH value

Make sure the water in your water tank has a pH of 5.6 for coco-based substrate mix and 5.8 for soil-based substrate mix.

Tip 4: Use Airdomes (optional)

If you use an AIRdome, make sure you turn it on when the ambient temperature is at its highest. We therefore recommend only switching on the AIRdome during the day. A temperature of 18 to 22 degrees Celsius is optimal. The AIRdome can be switched on continuously during the day or at intervals of 30 minutes using a timer.

Dimensions 1 pot:

8.5 liter pot: height 20cm / width 24.5cm

15 liter pot: height 30cm / width 26cm

Floor tray: 57.5 cm x 27.5 cm

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