Autopot FlexiPot System

  • New innovative pot design
  • Completely automatic watering
  • No electricity required

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With this newly developed AutoPot system combines its years of proven irrigation system with new highly innovative pots. The special feature of these pots is that their walls are slightly porous. Due to this fine feature, the roots stop growing as soon as they reach the walls of the pot, and in their place so-called filamentous roots are formed, which allow your plant to better absorb water and nutrients.

The system also ensures a better gas exchange of the substrate, which also accelerates the overall growth.

The AutoPot systems also work completely without electricity, which saves you from annoying cable problems.

A big advantage of these AutoPot's is that they can also be used with most organic fertilizers.

The system can also be connected to the easy2gow system as both share the same hose diameter.

The tank size differs depending on how many pots are connected:

  • Systems of 1 - 4 pots = 47 liter tank
  • Systems of 6 - 9 pots = 100 liter tank
  • System with 12 pots = 225 liters tank

The system is equipped with 18.9 liter plant pots in all variants.

We offer the AutoPot's in the variants (1 - 12 pots). Of course, the other larger variants can also be ordered for you on request.

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