IWS Flood and Drain Basic System 12 POT incl. flex tank 250l

IWS Flood and Drain Basic System 12 POT incl. flex tank 250l

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Ebb/Flood systems from IWS have quickly become the market leader in the UK thanks to their simple but ingenious operation.

Fresh oxygen is supplied to the entire root system with each irrigation cycle and significant amounts of fertilizer are saved thanks to the recirculating mode of operation.

How it works

At the set times, the nutrient solution is pumped into the pots. Mechanical floats in the control unit are used to control how high the water level should rise to the maximum.

When the solution drains from the pots, fresh air is drawn into the root zone. The drained solution is pumped back into the control unit.

As stale air is replaced with fresh oxygenated air each time it is flooded, the roots are well oxygenated, resulting in more productive growth.

Drainage is excellent with this growing system, so it is important to remember to increase the amount of flooding as the plants grow.

The systems are supplied complete, including tank and control unit.


  • Very high yields
  • Faster growth
  • Easy to use
  • Less space is needed

Technical details

  • 250 liter tank & pumps
  • Timer and control
  • 12 pots with base
  • 12 L-pieces
  • 12 sealing flanges
  • 15 meters of hose

Difference between Basic and Remote System

Nutriculture offers this system in 2 versions: the Basic version and the so-called Remote version. There are 4 differences between the two systems:

  1. Inclination of the pots
    In the Remote System the pots are slightly inclined. The inlet/outlet is located at the lowest point. In this way, the pots are emptied almost completely. With the Basic version, the pots are horizontal and a little nutrient solution always remains in the pot.
  2. Root barrier
    With the Remote system, a copper disc is included that serves as a root barrier and prevents roots from growing into the inlet/outlet and clogging it.
  3. Attaching the timer
    In the Basic version, the timer is attached directly to the Control Unit. In the Remote version, the timer is connected to the Control Unit with a cable of approx. 1.5 m length and can therefore be installed outside the Grow room.
  4. Timer accurate to the second
    The Basic version comes with a mechanical timer that can be set to 15 minutes.
    The Remote version comes with a digital timer that can be set to the second.
    The more precise setting option enables much more precise control options.

Tips from Grow Guru

  1. The systems do not have a filter out of the box and are therefore only suitable for certain substrates (soil, coco) to a limited extent. Mixtures are possible (e.g. 50:50 Cocos / clay granules)
  2. All pots and the Control Unit must be placed on the same level, because the flood height is controlled by the floats in the Control Unit.

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