Nutriculture Rush RDWC 24 x 40 liters

Professional hydroponic RDWC system for expert, efficient growing of large plants.


  • 24 x 40 l pots
  • 2 x 750 l liquid tanks
  • Compressor
  • Air supply lines
  • Water pipes
  • 24 x bubbling stones
  • 24 x 6,5 l net pots to stabilize your plants

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  • Hose length 62 cm
  • Hose length 82 cm
  • Hose length 100 cm

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Application purpose

The Rush RDWC System is particularly suitable for the professional, ambitious cultivation of medium to large plants with relatively little effort. If you want to use such a system, you should consider three things:

  1. The area needed to place the pots (this varies, of course, with the distance you choose between the individual plants); for the "smallest" system size, for example, you need an area of at least 25 m²
  2. The ceiling height, which plays a role due to the fast growth at the latest when the distance between the light source and the plants becomes tight
  3. The amount of water that circulates through the system and has to be refilled gradually - with 24 x 40 l pots plus 2 x 750 l reserve tanks in addition to the pipes this makes approx. 2500 l

If your work area can cover these requirements, the Rush RDWC Nutriculture system offers you an excellent opportunity to grow your plants with little time and effort.

What is Rush RDWC?

To answer this question, let's explain the name from back to front, starting with DWC (Deep Water Culture). DWC systems are active hydroponic systems in which the roots of your plants are permanently exposed to an oxygenated nutrient solution through mesh pots. This provides the plants with everything they need for vigorous growth, while the oxygen, evenly distributed through bubbling stones, prevents root rot, increasing the health and efficiency of the roots. This method of growing plants is used all over the world and has been proven to produce impressive results, especially when it comes to root growth. Since nutrients reach the roots exclusively through the liquid, substrates are necessary (and also useful) here at most to stabilize the plants in the grid pots. In Deep Water Culture Systems, a nutrient tank, with the help of a pump, or even its own control unit, feeds the liquid to the individual pots through separate lines and, if necessary, drains it again.

The further development of this idea is a recirculating Deep Water Culture System (RDWC). Here, all pots are connected to each other by the same pipe, which means that the nutrient solution is circulated once through the entire system with the help of the control unit, passing through each pot. The advantage of this is a uniform pH value for the entire system. Unlike a regular DWC system, where the pH value of each pot can differ and must be adjusted individually, with a recirculating Deep Water Culture System, by linking the individual pots together, only one resulting pH value needs to be measured and controlled - which therefore saves a noticeable amount of time.

To make this principle even more effective and time-saving, Nutriculture has equipped a system with larger pipes and an extremely powerful pump, so you can circulate your nutrient solution up to 34 times per hour - the Nutriculture Rush RDWC System.

Rush RDWC from Nutriculture

The Recirculating Rush Deep Water Culture System is Nutriculture's most advanced and powerful hydroponic system, specifically designed to grow plants efficiently and expertly. A heavy-duty 8000 l/h pump provides rapid circulation while a powerful compressor moves air through the bubbling stones in all 24 pots. The 6.5 l lattice pots also provide space for large plants and give you ample opportunity to stabilize them with the appropriate substrate (the guru recommends clay balls for this).

High quality inlet and outlet tubes with a diameter of 63mm ensure a high flow rate and protect your system from external influences such as dirt or damage.

The Nutriculture Rush RDWC System includes 24 pots of 40 or 60 liters capacity and two nutrient tanks of 750 liters each.

From the liquid tanks, your nutrient solution first flows into a control unit with pump and then into the intermediate lines. This control unit is equipped with a float which, depending on the water level, gives the signal to feed additional liquid from the tanks into the system

The control unit with pump is placed in an additional liquid tank, which can be used to adjust the pH and EC balance of your nutrient solution according to your wishes and the needs of the plants individually for the whole system.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose the length of the intermediate lines from three offered sizes:

  • 62 cm
  • 82 cm
  • 100 cm

Please note that the space requirement increases depending on the variant! To calculate the space you need, you can find the dimensions of the pots here:

  • 40 liter pot: 60 x 58,5 x 38 cm (L x W x H)
  • 60 liter pot: 83 x 58,5 x 38 cm (L x W x H)

How the guru does it - tips and tricks

Your plants need a steady supply of nutrients for best results - keep your pump running!

Sooner or later you should clean your tanks; for this you can simply close the pipes on both sides with the included plugs.

Pay attention to the water temperature - 18-21 °C is ideal; to reach this temperature the system can be connected to a cooler.

If you want to learn more about hydroponic systems, follow this link.


  • Pump capacity: 8000 l/h
  • Number of pots: 24
  • Pot size: 40 l
  • Water tanks: 2 nutrient solution tanks 750 l each
  • Compressor, lines for air supply and bubbling stones are included
  • Intermediate lines in 3 sizes: 62, 82 or 100 cm
  • Volume of the net pots: 6,5 l

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