IWS Deep Water Culture System 12 POT incl. flex tank 250l

IWS Deep Water Culture System 12 POT incl. Flextank 250l

For fast growth, a DWC system immerses the roots of plants in extremely oxygenated nutrient solution, preventing mold growth.

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What is Deep Water Culture (DWS)?

Deep Water Culture Systems immerse the roots of plants in a previously prepared nutrient solution enriched with oxygen. This constant supply of nutrients results in extremely impressive root growth, which in turn leads to healthy and vigorous plants. The added oxygen, meanwhile, prevents mold growth and ensures that the roots can do their work undisturbed. DWS systems work without the use of substrate; usually only so-called Pebbles (clay granules, for example from CANNA) are used to stabilize the plant in the net pot fixed above the nutrient solution.

IWS Deep Water Culture System from Nutriculture

Nutriculture offers a kit for hobbyists and professionals with its IWS DWC system. Depending on the size of your grow project, 6 to 24 plants can be supplied with nutrient solution and controlled by the included control unit. This is placed between the liquid tank and the individual plants(Please note: The control unit must have the same ground level as the pots) and controls the water supply so that each connected pot is filled with liquid up to 4.5 cm below the net pot. This distance is deliberate and encourages the roots of your plants to grow optimally. Further, a timer that you can set controls the return of the nutrient solution from the pots back into the tank, ensuring circulation that keeps nutrient distribution and pH and EC stable. The lines that supply the liquid can be shortened and adapted to your project without consequences for the amount of water contained in the pots.

Nutriculture's IWS DWC system includes:

  • 19 liter pots for nutrient solution
  • 1 liter net pots for the plants themselves or the Pebbles
  • A water tank to store the nutrient solution (100 / 250 / 400 liters depending on the number of pots)
  • A control unit that monitors the liquid level in the pots and provides replenishment accordingly
  • Liquid lines with 12.5 mm inner diameter
  • incl. airkits

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