Nutriculture Origin Hydro System Large 4 plants 11L pot

Origin Hydro System Large 4 plants 11L pot

The Origin is an active hydro system based on a drip irrigation system

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Your plants benefit from precisely controlled active hydroponic irrigation combined with the flexibility of growing in pots.
The pots are placed on a tray over a container of nutrient solution.
The plants and drippers are placed in the pots with the desired nutrient medium (clay granules, coir, soil or rockwool).
The sprinkling frequency is set using a timer that controls the drippers so that your plants are watered automatically.
The nutrient solution penetrates through the medium and over the roots into the plants, unabsorbed residue seeps into the collection container and draws oxygen into the root zone.
The Origin system gives you the flexibility to use it either as a tank irrigation system to collect excess solution or as a full circulation hydro system.

Why do you get such great results with the Origin system?

High irrigation frequency means higher water and nutrient uptake.
Active hydroponics means the roots are not dependent on the capillary forces of the plant in the growing medium.

Root zone with free drainage means nutrient buildup and waterlogging are avoided.


  • 75 cm x 75 cm x 20 cm


  • Origin 4 Tank 50L
  • Origin 4 Tray
  • 4 x 11L pots
  • Irrigation system
  • Pump

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EAN 4260587872261
Growth phase of the plant Combi (growth and flowering)
Cultivation medium All media
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