Nutriculture Flo-Gro FG500 (55x44x28 cm)

Nutriculture Flo-Gro FG500 (55x44x28 cm)
Plants produce excellent results in Flo Gro pots because they are much better supplied with oxygen, nutrients and water than in a conventional pot.
Supplied with pump.

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Plants grown in Flo Gro are much more productive than those in conventional pots, and the pots are just as easy to use in the process.

The timer controls a pump that pushes the nutrient solution onto a drip ring, causing the solution to drip onto the clay pellets. Anything the plant doesn't absorb drips back into the tank, drawing new oxygen to the roots, which in turn promotes growth.

Better yield

Plants produce excellent results in Flo Gro pots because they are much better oxygenated than in a traditional pot, and therefore they also absorb more water and nutrients than in hand-watered pots because they are watered little but frequently.

Healthy root zone for long-lasting plants

With hand watering, the air holes in the soil and coco fill with water thus limiting the oxygen supply to the roots. With the Flo Gro system, however, a high level of oxygen is constantly present around the roots. Therefore, plants can grow longer and higher yields are achieved with fewer plants.

Adjust the frequency of the nutrient solution supply to the needs of the plant

The perfect conditions are created for the plant by varying the frequency and duration of the nutrient solution supply during the growing season.

Efficient use of space

The largest Flo Gro is only 37 cm high to make the best use of the room height.


Lasts for decades thanks to its special design.

Technical details:

  • Dimensions L55xW44xH28 cm
  • suitable for growboxes from 60x60cm
  • comes with pump

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Data sheet
EAN 4260587872223
Growth phase of the plant Combi (growth and flowering)
Cultivation medium Clay granules
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