Nutriculture Twin Amazon 8 System 2 x 4 plants

Nutriculture Twin Amazon 8 System 2 x 4 plants

Unlimited access to oxygen, nutrients and water = explosive growth!

The Amazon system comes with a pump, neoprene rings and net pots so you can get started right away

The holes of the perforated plate have a diameter of 5 cm.

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The Nutriculture Amazon system is an aeroponic growing system.

Your plants or rooted cuttings are placed in pots with a grid structure and suspended in a cloud chamber above a container with a nutrient solution.
The roots hanging in the air are continuously misted with a nutrient solution and grow downward into the space. Any unabsorbed nutrient solution flows back into the container, so there is no wetness buildup or accumulation of harmful nutrient salts on the roots, and oxygen is available to them in unlimited quantities.

When you grow your plants with a Nutriculture Amazon system, they are continuously supplied with oxygen and nutrients and take up much more water and nutrients than would be possible with watering several times a day.
The more oxygen, water and nutrients your plants can absorb, the higher yields they will produce.
Unlimited access to oxygen, nutrients and water = explosive growth!

Why do you get excellent results with the Nutriculture Amazon system?

  • The roots of the plants are optimally supplied with water, nutrients and oxygen.
  • Healthy climate for the root zone the absence of a nutrient medium minimizes the risk of disease and pest infestation.
  • Plants are never watered too much or too little; no nutrient build-up.

Technical details:

  • Dimensions: L160xW75xH34cm
  • Number of plants: 8

Included in delivery:

  • Tank
  • Perforated plate
  • Cover for maintenance opening
  • Net pots
  • Pump

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Data sheet
EAN 4260587872377
Growth phase of the plant Combi (growth and flowering)
Cultivation medium Substrateless
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