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With a lot of effort and sophisticated technology, the Canadian manufacturer of growing-specific harvesting machines has made it to the forefront of the industry. You can find out what distinguishes CenturionPro and what advantages you can expect when buying the highly efficient systems here.

Centurion's wide range of products

CenturionPro Solutions is one of the most successful brands when it comes to harvesting machines in the growing sector. The manufacturer's systems are very popular and are used worldwide.

Of course, this position did not simply fall to the company. Careful and constant further development and optimization of the well thought-out products have paved the way to the top over time. The work behind it is also reflected in the wide range of products that Centurion can offer to professional growers around the world.

CenturionPro has the most successful buckers on the market to date for destemming your flowers available, each of which captivates with performance and reliability.

GC Bucker

  • 0.25 hp engine
  • processes 4 to 11 kg of dry crop per hour
  • from €5,847.76

HP Bucker

  • 0.75 hp engine
  • Processes 35 to 45 kg of dry crop per hour
  • From €15,599

XL Megabucker

  • 12 buckers in one
  • processes over 1000 kg of wet crop material per hour
  • €169,995

The manufacturer can also offer you a lot for pruning your harvest. In addition to smaller tabletop devices that you can simply place on the table, the products also cover the requirements of industrial manufacturers with gigantic harvest volumes. Of course, we would also like to briefly present the most popular (and most impressive) trimmer systems to you.

Tabletop Pro

  • 1 hp engine
  • processes up to 3 kg of dry crop material per hour
  • from €4,771.60

3.0 Trimmer

  • 6 hp engine
  • processes up to 22 dry crops per hour
  • from €22,995

XL 10.0 Trimmer

  • effectively crops to over 10m
  • Processes up to 272 kg of dry crop per hour
  • €269,995

You can find more systems from CenturionPro below or in our category "harvesters".

The Canadian company designs its products using complex processes. The result is a well thought-out, long-lasting interaction of the individual components. This creates user-friendly, high-quality systems that make your harvesting process easier for you in the long term.

Centurion itself is consistently convinced of its machines and therefore offers you a full 10-year manufacturer's guarantee on all products.

Qualitatively flawless

What Centurion has over other manufacturers

Blade Surface Area

The "Blade Surface Area" is basically the area where your crop makes contact with the blades. Logically, this area increases with the length and the number of blades installed in your trimmer. The larger this is, the faster and more often your fruit will be trimmed. On the one hand, this speeds up your processing and also increases the quality of your end product.

CenturionPro is very well aware of this fact, which is why the manufacturer's systems impress with the (at least currently) largest blade surface area on the market. It ranges from 38 cm for the tabletop to almost 2 m (198 cm) for the 3.0 trimmer.

Tumbler diameter

The tumbler forms the processing channel through which your harvest is fed for trimming and as such influences the processing speed as well as the quality of the cut. The inner diameter of the drum is decisive here.

On contact with the blades, your crop will be thrown away by the momentum and turned in the process, only to land again on another side and be trimmed. The buds "dance" around in the tumbler, allowing for an even and clean trim.

In order to make this dancing really smooth and to keep the cutting quality high, the drum should only be filled up to 50 to a maximum of 60%. Logically, larger tumblers can process more crops at once.

But the size alone does not make the buck fat. An important aspect for the fast processing of large harvest quantities is of course the downtime of your machines, for example due to maintenance and cleaning. Depending on the manufacturer, the latter in particular can cost a lot of time and therefore also a lot of money.

For this reason, Centurion offers the tumbler in different versions that differ in the material used. Quantanium-coated drums, for example, prevent the resinous buds from sticking to the metal. On the one hand, cleaning is made much easier and the quality of your product is also significantly improved; after all, this way the resin stays where it belongs - on your fruit.

In addition, the company also produces tumblers made of high-quality stainless steel, which achieve medical grades and should therefore keep your product clean and pure.

Leaf Collector

The Leaf Collector is an elementary part of your machine and serves several purposes at the same time.

First, as the name suggests ("leaf collector"), is responsible for collecting the trimmed leaves, keeping your system clean and operational.

In order to be able to do this, the Leaf Collector creates a vacuum that continuously sucks off the separated leaves. This now also fulfills the second function of the collector, which is at least as important as removing the leaf material.

Your buds are sucked to the wall of the tumbler by the negative pressure of the leaf blower and thus to the rotating blades to be trimmed there. If the suction power is too low (or too strong), your harvest will not be processed correctly and the machine will be redundant.

The system must therefore be coordinated in order to really do its job justice. Centurion's Harvesters handle this task fairly well. The manufacturer, as the only supplier on the market so far, installs special diverter switches in all machines, with which you can adapt the vacuum of your Leaf Collector to the harvest currently being processed (this is necessary, for example, if you regularly use the same machine to process wet and dry flowers). trim). The suction power of the system can therefore be individually adjusted to guarantee an optimal result.


The hopper is a simple but effective tool for filling the tumbler. Your harvested material can be easily fed into the net and from there it will automatically slide into the drum. Properly used and appropriately designed, the hopper simplifies your processing by a few more percent and keeps your employees' hands free.

Centurion currently offers the largest hoppers on the market.

Fast cleaning

CenturionPro recommends regular cleaning every 4 to 6 hours of operation for long-term and smooth use of the harvesting machines. Now you probably know better than we do what this means for your harvesting process.

Of course, in order to keep the overall processing of your flowers as cost-efficient as possible, downtime for cleaning must also be taken into account. For this very reason, Centurion systems are among the easiest and quickest to clean machines in the industry. Practiced hands need less than 10 minutes for this important step.

You can find out exactly how this works best in the following video.

CenturionPro @ Grow Guru

We have been in contact with Centurion since the beginning of our shop and have been able to sell many of the company's systems to successful professional growers in this way. It doesn't matter whether it's tandem systems or spare parts for individual machines - the experiences we've had with CenturionPro so far have all been positive and encourage us to sell the products of the knowledgeable manufacturer on our site.

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