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Nutsystems is the hydroponics brand of the market leader Nutriculture from England.

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More information about Nutriculture

Nutriculture presents its own company history as follows:

  • In 1976, the company founder John Molyneux carried out hydroponic experiments for his doctorate. At that time, hydroponic systems were only for large-scale commercial use.
  • He was impressed with the test results and wanted to design hydroponic systems for home gardeners.
  • Since nobody makes the systems in small numbers wanted, he bought a plastic molding machine and workshop and learned how to mold the plastic himself.

Now Nutriculture products are sold all over the world and no other manufacturer is in so broadly positioned in this area with its range.

Nutriculture is the hydroponic brand of the market leader Nutriculture from England.

Nutriculture offers both inexpensive entry-level products and powerful high-end systems.

Grow Guru meets Nutriculture

In our 4-part special on hydroponics we had dear Rafael from Nutriculture as our guest.

We interviewed Rafael in detail about all the pros and cons of the main Nutriculutre products.

Important: these episodes of Grow Guru-TV are sometimes very detailed and not necessarily intended as the first video for beginners. For hydroponics beginners, we recommend this video instead: .com/watch?v=cCT-uKHqBZA&t=293s

Aeroponics: Nutriculture Amazon and X-Stream

The Amazon system is a simple aeroponic system that operates at low pressure. It's a great way to get started with aeroponics.

The X-Stream cutting propagator is a very popular product used by both novice and experienced gardeners.

Drip irrigation: Nutriculture Flo Gro, Atami Wilma and IWS Dripper

The Flo Gro is one of Nutriculture's oldest products. It's a simple drip irrigation system that's typically used for just one plant.

The Atami Wilma system is an affordable, entry-level drip irrigation system. It is available in many variants and is compatible with many planting media.

The IWS Dripper is the professional drip irrigation system from NutSystems / Nutriculture.

DWC-Systeme: Oxypot, IWS R-DWC, Rush R-DWC (recirculating Systems)

NFT und Ebb-Flood-Systems

NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) is an invention of Nutriculture. Nutriculture currently offers a number of small to medium-sized NFT systems.

In the field of ebb and flow systems, Nutriculture offers 2 variants: an integrated entry-level system and a professional system (IWS Flood & Drain).

The Oxypot is Nutriculture's entry-level product in the DWC (Deep Water Culture) sector. It is available as a 1, 2 and 4 system.

The IWS R-DWC and Rush R-DWC systems are the professional systems from Nutriculture / Nutsystems.

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