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SANlight is an experienced company from Austria, which has been attracting attention for a long time with its high-quality illuminants. SANlight-LEDs are especially designed for horticulture and Hobby-Growing developed plant lamps that are particularly impressive because of their high efficiency

The lamps are manufactured in SANlight's own production facilities in Austria and are tested in the available test laboratories on site. In cooperation with Austrian universities, the results are examined and checked for plausibility. With this thorough quality assurance, SANlight not only wants to continuously improve the quality of its lamps, but also to overcome the reservations of some customers Grower who continue to see cheap production from China in LEDs

Especially with the LEDs of the Austrian manufacturer Grower but don't worry about it. It is not for nothing that they are enjoying growing popularity throughout Europe - SANlight LEDs are undisputedly among the best light sources on the market.

LEDs of the second generation

To be able to optimize the in-house offer regularly, SANlight always has an ear to the customer. Feedback is collected, analyzed and ideally implemented. The latest result of this process is an improvement of the popular SANlight Q-LEDs: the Gen2 light sources.

These consist essentially of powerful OSRAM 2mm² high-power LED chips that even surpass the efficiency of the lamps compared with their predecessors. SANlight also has a secondary optic above the chips that protects the diodes from dirt and directs the emitted light more precisely to your plants. All in all, the Q-LEDs 2.0 thus achieve 15 % more power than the older generation.

With the Gen2 SANlight also gives you the possibility to connect your lamps individually in series and adapt your own lighting system to your needs - up to 7 LEDs can be daisy-chained. With the help of a suitable dimmer you can also control the power of each lamp individually (within a pleasant range of 40-100%) and, if desired, guide your plants into their day-night rhythm with a simulated sunrise.

The newly developed ECO/EXPERT concept helps you to find the right setup and maximize your yield. The setup is a recommendation for the power density within your growroom based on the results of SANlight's test labs. The first number inside the boxes describes the number of lamps used while P_ges stands for the power output:

The ECO setup is basically intended for all Grower and promises remarkable power savings, especially compared to NDLs; the EXPERT setup, on the other hand, does not bear its name for nothing. Although the high power density increases the yield when used correctly, the plants have to cope with quite a lot. This setup is therefore particularly recommended for advanced gardeners.

The Q-Series: SANlights performers

The Q series in particular has become a bestseller in recent years and has impressed numerous Grower throughout Europe and beyond. In autumn 2019 SANlight released the Gen2, a further development of this LED series.

The flagship of the Austrian manufacturer is the Q6W Gen2with an effective output of 245 W and 1 m² of optimal illumination surface, which brings a lot of power into your Growbox brings. But also their smaller siblings are wonderfully suited for successful breeding in all life phases of your plants.

Which Q-LED is right for you is not always easy to find out. SANlight's setup suggestions mentioned above can make this decision easier for you. Nevertheless, especially beginners should get sufficient advice before they decide to buy. No matter if you have specific questions or just want to get general information, our Grow-Guru-Team is always happy to hear from you

The colour spectrum emitted by the lamps supports your plants in their growth and effectively promotes flower formation through a high red content. In addition, the Q-Series has a long life: after 100,000 hours of operation SANlight still promises 90% of the initial output. Nevertheless, with the new generation you have the possibility to have your LED modules replaced by designated partners and thus reset the life cycle of your lamps

What has not changed, however, is the passive cooling by cooling fins on the back of the lamps. This has more than proven itself in the years before and brings a little comfort into your Growbox

S series - "old but gold

With the introduction of the Q-LEDs Gen2, the S-series, consisting of the SANlight S4W and the somewhat smaller S2W, will no longer be continued. Although this one finds an excellent replacement, some Growerwho cries a tear or two for the popular S-lamps. Currently, however, the two lamps are still available for purchase! Because even if the stocks are slowly running out, they will not disappear overnight :).

Many growers are aware of this, which is why the demand for the S-series LEDs is still constantly high. Not without reason: because especially with the S4W and its little sister SANlight has earned the trust of their customers

The high quality of the LEDs and their reliability have been the company's trademark ever since. The technology, which is still modern even by today's standards, is suitable for many applications and every type of plant. With their elongated design, both S2W and S4W are ideal for larger growing areas or, suspended vertically, as a wonderful additional light source in Growbox. With an output of 62 W (S2W) or 140 W (S4W), the lamps have a lot to offer; especially the much lower power consumption compared to NDLs speaks for itself

Should you consider buying one of SANlight's S-LEDs, please contact us, we will of course be happy to advise you on these products as well!

More information about the respective LEDs can be found on the product pages linked below. We would be happy if you drop by :)!

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