OptiClimate - List of products by manufacturer


Advantages of OptiClimate:

  • Optimum climate for growth 365 days a year
  • Overcome seasonal restrictions
  • generate CO2 effectively and efficiently
  • Mould, bacteria and germs are eliminated

With the OptiClimate you create a completely enclosed and easily manageable space for growing plants. You have full control over the climatic conditions. You only need to set your desired day and night temperature and the OptiClimate will choose the best setting for you (heating, cooling, extracting air...). The OptiClimate fully meets your requirements if you want to grow plants under the same conditions all year round

The OptiClimate climate control system

The OptiClimate Pro 3 series climate control systems are water-cooled air conditioning systems developed for the horticultural sector (glass horticulture/box construction). They also meet the requirements of demanding Hobby-Gardener. The OptiClimate climate control system is particularly suitable for you if you have a greenhouse or a large tent where air exchange between used and fresh air is required. The system reacts directly to temperature deviations and thus guarantees a stable temperature in your room. You can use an OptiClimate in combination with related products such as the DimLux Expert light systems and the DimLux Maxi Controller (this synchronises the OptiClimate, the DimLux and the Co2 device). This way the devices communicate with each other and react together to the demands of your plants.

The OptiClimate allows you to cool, warm, circulate, dehumidify and filter air with a single device. This saves you additional equipment and valuable time. For example, a light sensor indicates when the lights need to be switched off and when the heating function should be activated. If necessary, the dehumidification function is also activated. The OptiClimate naturally reverses these steps if the conditions change

To simplify the programming of the OptiClimate, you can purchase a user-friendly remote control. The display is large and easy to read and provides an overview of the most important settings and values. You can easily make a large number of changes without having to "fight" your way through a complicated menu.