HOMEbox - List of products by manufacturer

HOMEbox® offers high quality plant tents for the indoor area,
unique in service, quality, durability, innovative features and of course in terms of yield possibilities.


1. The original!
HOMEbox® is the first and therefore the ORGINAL Planting Tent and continuously leads the market with innovative new equipment!

2. Absolutely opaque
Lightproof zippers provide opacity without the hassle of cover flaps and Velcro fasteners, as well as extra strength. The extra strong canvas material with an inner coating of thick, flexible and food-safe polyethylene is also guaranteed to be lightproof.

3. Optimal airflow control
Our unique and patent-pending OmniFlow-Airvents enable users to achieve the best possible climate control, with much less light loss than any other planting tent!

4. PAR+ intelligent material
Homebox Plant Tents are the only ones with an optimally reflective PAR+ inner coating.

5. Higher yields
PAR+ ensures that more light and less heat is reflected onto the plants - for higher yields and best quality.

6. Design from Germany
All Homebox planter tents are 100% high-tech constructions developed in Germany and equipped with innovative technology.

7. Carefree
Optimised tubes as well as the fine sieve insect screen in the airvents, offer excellent protection against pests.

8. More strength
Reinforced metal frames, hooks and connectors and precisely manufactured connectors made of plastic guarantee stability and high load capacity.

9. Easy assembly
HOMEbox® Plant Tents are easy to assemble. They are also suitable for all common cultivation methods.

10. Guarantee
We stand behind our products and give a two-year manufacturer's guarantee out of conviction.