Twister - List of products by manufacturer


Advantages of Twister harvesters

  • highest manufacturing quality
  • can be used dry and in wet conditions alike
  • 11 self-sharpening blades
  • 320 cuts per second
  • waterproof motors and electronics

Twister develops harvesting machines that can be used without compromise as High End Equipment, as they meet the highest quality standards. In terms of speed and reliability, you get an absolutely top-quality product here

Twister T2 Harvester

You can rely on the Twister T2 harvesting machine. Both before and after drying the plants, you can process them. The eleven self-sharpening blades provide 320 cuts per second. The unique geometry of the blades guarantees the tightest possible cut. In addition, the harvester is equipped with the most powerful discharge system in its class. To achieve even more precise results, you can also combine two machines.

After use, you can clean your Twister T2 with a high-pressure cleaner, as both the electronics and the motors are waterproof. Another advantage is that you can use the harvester flexibly: thanks to the large rubber wheels it can easily change its location. In addition, your Twister T2 is protected from dust and transport damage by a neutral cover made of canvas