Secret Jardin - List of products by manufacturer

Secret Jardin ist seit 2006 auf dem Markt und ist inzwischen der bekannteste Hersteller von Growboxen weltweit.


Secret Jardin has been on the market for more than 10 years and is now one of the world's leading manufacturers of indoor growing cabinets. What we like about the Secret Jardin-Products well liked:

  • There are 3 product lines, one for every budget.
  • The products are very well thought out and have a long shelf life.
  • The products are very mature in terms of application and equipment.

Secret Jardin - Difference between Hydro Shot, Dark Street and Room?

At Secret Jardin there are 3 product lines Hydro Shoot, Dark Street and Dark Room.

The Hydro Shoot-Series is aimed at beginners with a small budget. The Hydro Shoot-Growboxes are available from a base area of 40x40cm, the largest box has 120x120 cm.
The boxes are quickly assembled and the workmanship is fine.

Watch now Hydro Shoot-Boxes

The Dark Street-Series is also aimed at beginners. The boxes are slightly larger than the Hydro Shoot-Row. The largest Dark Street Box measures 150cm x 150cm x 200cm. The workmanship is similarly good as with the Hydro Shoot-Series.

Watch now Dark Street-Boxes

The boxes of the Dark Room Series are much more robust (< 50kg load capacity for lamps and others) compared to the cheaper Dark StreetSeries (< 20kg load capacity for lamps and other). Due to the more robust statics the DarkRoom cabinets are also available in "oversize" with up to 300cm x 300 cm x 200cm.

View now Dark Room-Boxes

The Dark Room-Series is aimed at Growerwho do not want to compromise on quality

This applies to all series:

  • Nearly lightproof (> 95%)
  • Interior walls lined with Mylar
  • quick and easy to set up
  • washable outside and inside
  • stable tube frame

Grow Box Review

On our info page Grow Box Review we have given you an overview of the product ranges of Secret Jardin and explain again exactly which product range has which advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore we compare the Secret Jardin Boxing with the Romberg Powertent boxes.

For our Grow Box Review, we have set up all 4 boxes in our grow shop in Karlsruhe, installed a ventilation system and lighting and equipped the boxes with plants. You can also have a look at the boxes in our shop and clarify your questions on site.

Secret Jardin - Indoor Growing

The Secret Jardin Growschränke are versatile for all kinds of indoor Growing-Projects. They are suitable for growing a wide range of plants such as orchids, aloe vera, citrus plants, carnivorous plants, tropical plants, etc

Secret Jardin offers a very extensive range of grow cabinets, so that every indoor Grower can choose the variant that suits them best. For example, there are two-part breeding cabinets that make it possible to grow and flower in a single tent, cabinets that are specially designed for propagating cuttings, very compact cabinets for the space-conscious Grower and much more

The following applies to all cabinets: they are highly lightproof, waterproof and odour-insulating and are therefore ideally suited for indoor Growing

Secret Jardin - Further information

Secret Jardin Growbox build

Secret Jardin Growboxes are really easy to set up. We recommend to set up the box in pairs. But you can also do it alone.

In the video you can see how the model Dark Room Rev 2.6 is being established. The construction works the same for all models. The product lines (Hydro Shoot, Dark Street and Dark Room), as well as the revisions differ rather in details and equipment.

Just watch this video:

Space Booster - new in Rev. 3.0

The Space Booster will be standard equipment in the Rev 3.0 and later Secret Jardin Dark Street and Dark Room Models are supplied.

What is the Space Booster and what is it for?
If you use a ventilation system, then your Grow Box permanent negative pressure. The walls of a grow tent contract. The bigger your side walls are, the further the side walls come into the tent. This means that valuable space is lost. With a big box from 90 or 120cm, a lot of space is lost.
In the past, some creative tinkerers used to use wooden slats to help themselves. Now there is the Space Booster.

The Space Booster consists of 3 additional poles, which are installed at about medium height. They prevent the side walls from bending too much into the tent once the ventilation is active. This recovers a lot of space that can be used for plants.

Secret Jardin WebIT

The WebIT networks of Secret Jardin are square nets, which fit exactly to the dimensions of the corresponding boxes of Secret Jardin are tailored. At the corners of the nets there are hooks with which the WebIT nets are hooked to the side bars of the box. They can be easily inserted and removed again if necessary.

The WebIT nets are available as accessories. From Rev. 3.0 they are available at Dark Street and Dark Room-Models as standard.


In this video you can see how the Secret Jardin Growboxes look "real". The video is from 2013, since then several details on the boxes have changed and the Hydro Shoot Boxes were added, but essentially the range was similar to that of today.

Mylar - THE difference

A unique selling point of their practical greenhouses can be found on their insides. These are lined with biaxially oriented polyester film (boPET, in English: Mylar). The material is characterised by a number of special thermal and mechanical properties. On the one hand, it is extremely tear-resistant. As a result, the material can be installed in the form of a thin, aluminium foil-like layer, typically 10 g/m². Furthermore, it reflects up to 99% of the incident light, making it an excellent thermal insulator. It is no coincidence that NASA also uses super aluminum foil as an insulating layer for satellites.