Twister Trimmer T2 Tandem Set

  • Throughput: up to 11 kg/h wet and 3 kg/h dry
  • 10 years manufacturer warranty
  • Leaf collector (Leaf Collector) is included in delivery
  • Combi drum (suitable for wet and dry)

The Twister Trimmer T2 Tandem Set includes 2 T2 harvesters, an input and an output conveyor belt, two suction systems and a tandem rail for linking the individual machines.

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The T2 is the most powerful harvester currently available on the market.

Twister harvesters are characterized by the highest quality of workmanship. Twister harvesters are simply the best on the market today. Item.

Twister has been using an upgraded drum since the beginning of 2019 that is suitable for Wet and Dry. This means you can work both dry and wet (before or after drying the plants).

The Twister T2 is further characterized by the following features: 11 self-sharpening blades, 320 cuts per SECOND, waterproof motors and electronics (suitable for high-pressure cleaners).

The Twister Trimmer T2 Tandem Set includes 2 T2 harvesters, one input and one output conveyor belt, two Leaf Collector Extraction systems and a tandem rail to couple the individual machines.

This is what the perfected harvesting system could look like:

Combination of two T2 harvesters including high-quality leaf suckers (Leaf Collector) and conveyor belt

An employee supervising the whole working process. :-)

Optimally, the Twister T2 should be connected to the leaf suction system Leaf Collector should be connected to the Twister T2 in order to remove leaves and stems cleanly. In this way, the green waste can be reused without any problems. Per machine one Leaf Collector conveyor system is supplied with each machine.

Twister also offers a conveyor belt system, which is included in the Tandem Set.

Here is a comparison between the T2 and the smaller, more mobile T4.

Note on delivery: the article is simply delivered to the address you give us. We take care of the rest. You don't have to deal with customs or anything like that. We take care of that.

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Data sheet
EAN 4260587873640
Article category High End
Shipping Shipping by forwarding agent
Throughput (wet) 31-40 kg/h
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Twister T2 Tech Spec

Twister T2 Tech Spec Sheet

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