Queen Bee oil extractor (3x filling quantity)

Queen Bee oil extractor (3 times the filling capacity compared to the Honey Bee extractor)

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Make your own oil very simple: no smell, no cleaning effort or heat source.

Due to the new design, more oil can be produced per gram of plant material than with the Honey Bee The Queen Bee has 3 times the capacity of the Honey Bee extractor.

Here's what you need to extract with the Queen Bee extractor:

  • 2 x 150g butane gas (lighter gas)
  • 7 - 28 grams of dry herbs
  • a vial
  • a razor blade
  • Filter e.g. coffee filter
  • Glass or metal base

Instructions for using the Queen Bee Extractor:

  1. Take the chopped herbs and fill them into the Queen Bee Extractor
  2. The one-hole end is now turned upwards and the five-hole end is held about 5 cm above a vessel
  3. Put the opening of the butane gas bottle into the one-hole end. Now squeeze the butane gas bottle until it is empty. The liquid thus obtained, which consists of vegetable oil and gas, runs into your vessel.
  4. The contained butane gas evaporates already at room temperature.

Please follow the enclosed instructions for use of the Queen Bee oil extractor.

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Application purpose Gas Extraction
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