CenturionPro® 3.0

The CenturionPro® 3.0 Medical Grade Trimming System is the highest capacity automated trimming machine in the world and is Health Canada / FDA approved!

incl. 1 hybrid drum (for wet and dry trimming)

Throughput dry: max. 22 kg/h

Throughput wet: max. 110 kg/h

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The CenturionPro® 3.0 Medical Grade Trimming System is the highest capacity automated trimming machine in the world and is Health Canada / FDA approved. The machine is constructed of anodized aluminum and stainless steel components to meet all regulatory requirements and can replace up to 75 human trimmers - without sacrificing quality. The 3.0 is equipped with three Toro-hardened steel cutting rollers, each with 11 high-quality blades.

The CenturionPro® 3.0 is suitable for both wet and dry plant material, processing up to 250 lbs (wet) per hour. Thus, a cutting capacity of almost 2 CenturionPro® Gladiators or 4 CenturionPro Original machines is achieved. In addition, magnetic blade technology ensures a consistently sharp blade and clean cut. The CenturionPro® 3.0 features a food-grade plastic hopper, a fine-tuned manifold to receive the different grades, and a double bag system that separates the cutting residue for further use.


Direct feed food grade hopper

The 3.0 medical trimmer system comes standard with a high quality food funnel. This component is made of food-grade plastic and is designed to handle large volumes of material to meet the needs of all commercial manufacturers worldwide. Simply place plant material in the top tray and rework into the triple-barrel system as needed.

Quality Control
The extra wide belt conveyor system gives the user complete control of the final product hour after hour. In addition, this quality control conveyor allows you to monitor the final cut of your flowers and make touch-ups as needed.

More Cutting Power
The CenturionPro® 3.0 is a monumental machine that can handle 140,000 cuts per minute (nearly double that of the Gladiator). It also features an impressive 6-horsepower blade collector that produces an impressive 5,000 CFM of pure suction power.

All components of the CenturionPro 3.0 machine are made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel, making it a truly durable machine.

Hardened steel, 11 cutting coils (x3)
The CenturionPro 3.0 owes its name to the three Toro-hardened steel cutting coils, each with 11 high-quality blades. Magnetic blade technology ensures a consistently sharp blade and the cleanest cut. In addition, this machine has the cutting capacity of nearly 2 CenturionPro Gladiators or 4 CenturionPro Original machines and is the largest machine in the industry.

Rugged Stainless Steel Tumblers (x3)
The three Tumbler of the 3.0 machine are made of rugged stainless steel (304) rather than aluminum. Plus, each of these high-performance tumblers is 88.9 cm long and 16.51 cm in diameter, giving the CenturionPro 3.0 a total of 46.53 cm of cutting surface!

Easy to clean
The 3.0 is a monumental machine, but that doesn't mean cleaning has to be too! In fact, the entire machine (except the drums) can be cleaned in 40 minutes with a pressure washer. Our Quantanium coated Tumbler requires a slightly different process, but is still easy to clean by soaking it in warm soapy water and wiping it down.

Save Money and Time with Quantanium Coating

Centurion is the first manufacturer to offer the Tumbler Tubes in two versions: without and with coating. The Quantanium coating consists of several layers of titanium alloy, making the drums more resistant and reducing the amount of leaf material that sticks to them.

Tumbler Drums with Quantanium coating require less frequent cleaning, saving time and labor and reducing machine non-operating time. Centurion also promises up to 40% higher quality in the final result.

Important Notice Tumbler Tubes with Quantanium coating must not be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner. This will damage the coating. The coated drums should be treated the same way you would treat a coated cooking pan. Cleaning should be done with a gentle sponge only, and with water and dishwashing detergent. For heavy soiling, the drum should be soaked overnight in water with detergent.

Technical details (harvester)

  • Input voltage 3.5Amp - 220V
    Note: When the machine is turned on, it pulls and the Leaf Collector briefly draw a voltage that is higher than the normal operating voltage. Depending on this, a fuse may be too small for normal private households.
  • Dimensions: 91,5 × 91,5 × 68,6 cm
  • Weight: 82 Kg
  • Diameter Tumbler: 16,51 cm
  • Quantity Tumbler: 3
  • Warranty : 10 years

Technical details (leaf collector)

  • Input voltage : 15 Amp - 220V
  • Dimensions: 69 x 69 x 69 cm
  • Weight: 86 kg
  • Power: 6 HP
  • Airflow capacity: 5000 CFM
  • Warranty: 3 years

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Throughput (wet) 41+ kg/h

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