CenturionPro Bucker GC Series

High quality tabletop harvester from the Canadian manufacturer CenturionPro. Ideal for gently separating your flowers from the stems!

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CenturionPro is one of the top international companies when it comes to high quality harvesters for your garden. With its new GC ("Gentle Cut") series, the manufacturer launches a new bucker that not only fits on your table, but separates your flowers from the stems gently and without damage.

The machine comes in two variants

  • GC1, with one bucker
  • GC3, with 3 buckers and an included superstructure for better stand

Both versions include a cover plate with holes for each stem size.This ensures that you can process your branches directly without prior preparation.

Gentle Cut Principle

Many Buckers pull the branches of your plants through narrow openings into the machine, thus pushing the flowers off the stem with great force. While this makes them faster to process, it can also damage them in the process. The compact GC harvester , on the other hand, cuts the stems through blades built into the machine, ensuring a clean and gentle harvest that allows even your largest flowers to be released from the plant intact and undamaged. In this way, CenturionPro has managed to combine the advantages of both harvesting worlds - mechanical and manual - and to make the harvesting process as such comfortable and simple

High performance, whether wet or dry

The GC series uses an efficient 0.25 hp engine to achieve a high harvesting output for a bucket of this size. The drive here is shifted through an adjustable gearbox, allowing you to control the rotation speed of the blades

Do the work of 3 harvesters with the GC1 Bucker and process up to 18 kg of wet material per hour (4 kg dry) - or opt for the professional version and triple your efficiency with the GC3 and cut 55 kg per hour (11 kg dry)!

Looking for even higher performance, check out the CenturionPro HP Bucker.

Integrated cleaning system for long life

Both the GC1 and GC3 models include an in-machine vacuum system that removes stems and debris from the blades directly into an included vacuum bag - making cleaning your system a breeze and noticeably increasing the life of your bucker

Manufacturer's Warranty

CenturionPro warrants its Gentle Cut Bucker for 2 years from the date of purchase. This does not apply to user errors

Technical data


Description Specification
Input voltage 240 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption < 3 A in operation
Motor 0,25 HP
Motor speed 1750 min^-1
Weight 18 kg
Length 71 cm
Width 36 cm
Height 36 cm
Circuit breaker 15 A / 220 V


Description Specification
Input voltage 240 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption < 3 A in operation
Motor 3 * 0,25 HP
Motor speed 1750 min^-1
Weight 60 kg
Length 3 * 71 cm
Width 3 * 36 cm
Height 3 * 36 cm
Circuit breaker 15 A / 220 V

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