Unsere Partner

Grow mit Herz

"Grow mit Herz" is a project by the Berlin rapper Herzog 030.
We support the project by handling it in the background.


Irierebel is a popular indoor growing info site.
We support the project with a white label grow shop that is integrated into the site and take care of the processing in the background.


"CIA-TV" (formerly known as BlunTV) is an online TV channel and media partner of "Legal-Europe", the creative and cultural association based in Vienna.
We support CIA TV with sponsored products.

The GreenLeaf

The GreenLeaf is a popular online forum for indoor growing.
We have been supporting the forum with an advertising partnership since 2017.


Grow Control

GrowControl is a manufacturer of high-end climate control devices based in Frankfurt. We have been selling GrowControl devices for several years and maintain close contact with the company.
Together with Tobi, the managing director and founder of GrowControl, we made a YouTube video about climate control: https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=t9wIC29OvSw


Nutriculture is an English manufacturer of hydroponic systems that has been on the market for a very long time. We have been selling Nutriculture products for several years and maintain close contact with the company.
Together with Raphael, Regional Sales Manager at Nutriculture, we made a 4 part video series on hydroponics:
#Hydroponik Teil 1: Aeroponik - Nutriculture Amazon & X-Stream
#Hydroponik Teil 2: Flo Gro, Atami Wilma & IWS Dripper
#Hydroponik Teil 3: World record! How to grow a 19m tall tomato plant
#Hydroponik Teil 4: Nutriculture DWC, IWS R DWC & Rush R DWC