Choose one of the following 6 complete sets,
and you will receive a hydroca Ambition grow box for free from Grow Guru!

Your FREE grow box: The Hydroca Ambition Box - now in a set at Grow Guru

YOU SAVE: €209.90

120 x 120 box

This format is normally used for around 12 plants.

More are also possible, depending on the cultivation technique.

The 120 box is that most popular format among indoor gardeners.

YOU SAVE: €189.90

100 x 100 Box

This format is normally used for around 9 plants.

More plants are also possible, depending on the cultivation technique.

YOU SAVE: €159.90

80 x 80 Box

This format is normally used for around 5 plants.

More plants are also possible, depending on the cultivation technique.

Or buy the boxes individually, for example here

You actually have everything you need and are only interested in the box? No problem - you can also buy the Hydroca Ambition grow boxes individually from us at the regular price.

What are the advantages of the hydroca Ambition Grow Box?

  • Unbeatably good price-performance ratio
  • Lower electricity costs and more yield thanks to high-quality white inner coating for maximum reflection, optimized for LED grow lamps
  • Air and light tight
  • Appealing optics
  • Durable thanks to steel rods with powder coating
  • Thoughtful features: Air holes, windows, hanging straps for ventilation
  • 2 year guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this box being "given away" here?

For the first time we can have these boxes made by ourselves. We have been working towards this for a long time. That's why we get them on more favorable terms than any other box on the market.

We pass this advantage on to you 1:1 and give you the box if you buy one from us Buy complete set.

Is this box any good at all?

Oh yes!

The hydroca Amibtion Box is the "successor" to the grow box that we launched together with the Berlin rapper Herzog in autumn 2019. At the time, we were so surprised by the high quality of the grow box that we cracked our piggy bank and ordered a few pallets straight away.

The result was an absolutely high-quality grow box with < strong>appealing look and white inner coating, optimized for LEDs.

We have incorporated all our experience into the development of this box and can say with conviction:

The quality of the box is comparable to the high-end models am Market.

I want the box as a gift, but the complete sets don't quite fit me. Is the?

You can only get the box for free in connection with one of the complete sets that we offer on this page.

If the complete sets don't suit you 100%, then you can You can put together an individual complete set using our shopping advisor and still get a nice discount.

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