The right equipment for your cultivation

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Here you will find...

  • The right equipment for your cultivation
  • Complete Sets for seedlings
  • Aeroponic cutting systems

Have virgin chili seeds you're dying to try, or are you about to get fresh cuttings from your favorite plant? Starting a new grow is always an exciting and sometimes challenging time. On this page you will find suitable equipment to help you with your project.

Your Grow Guru Team wishes you lots of fun gardening :).

for breeding in general

As you can probably guess from the introduction, we divide propagation into two main areas: the first is raising plants from seed; when they open up and start to grow we call them seedlings. The second area is raising cuttings, which you get when you take suitable shoots from a mother plant and grow new seedlings from them.

Both seedlings and cuttings are very sensitive and need the right care and possibly additional equipment. With our equipment guide, we want to cover both topics and give you the right tool for each area.

Seeds in particular are often very expensive. It therefore makes sense to deal with methods and systems that noticeably increase your germination rate. While this page covers the equipment, learn more about the right methods on our "Sowing and Cultivation" page.

But cuttings usually also need a helping hand to help them develop healthy roots. Further down in the text you will find the right equipment with which to grow strong plants can grow up.

Our seedling complete sets

We currently have three seedling sets on offer for you, which differ in the size of your project and the amount you want to spend. We would also be happy to put together an individual package for you - you can contact us at any time

Cultivation set "Low Budget"

The set offers space for 12 plants and contains:

  • 1x greenhouse
  • 1x EazyPlug source cube for 12 seedlings
  • 1x Grow Guru Basics Hygrometer

If you are raising seedlings for the first time and you want to familiarize yourself with the subject first or if you're looking for a simple but tried and tested way to prep your chillies for potting, then this pack is for you.

The included box has a clear lid that allows sunlight to reach your plants easily. Humidity is well maintained, so there is always an atmosphere conducive to growth. Our tip: to give your seedlings more air to breathe, you can simply drill five small holes left and right in the lid.

In order to always keep an eye on the climate, a hygrometer should of course not be missing. A quick reminder: a humidity of approx. 80% is optimal for growing.

Growing set "value for money"

Designed for up to 24 plants offers you the set:

  • 1x greenhouse with ventilation flaps
  • 1x Lightwave T5 2x24 W LSR
  • 1x analog timer from LeGrand
  • 1x Grow Guru Basics hygrometer
  • 1x UGro coconut source tabs (24 pieces)

Our "value for money" set is aimed at ambitious home gardeners who want to be sure that the valuable seeds will develop into beautiful plants.

The greenhouse included in the package is characterized by a robust shell that protects your plants reliably and safely from external influences. The translucent cover is equipped with ventilation flaps in two places, so that the air can circulate constantly in the growing room. Nevertheless, the box keeps the air humidity excellent and offers your seedlings an appealing growth climate.

With the Lightwave T5 fluorescent tubes, the set also includes a powerful light source that promotes the photosynthesis of your plants without damaging them with large stress heat. A color temperature of 6500 K stimulates growth and reliably supports your seedlings in their first phase of life.

You can control the light cycle with the included LeGrand timer to 15 minutes - our recommendation: illuminate your plants for 18 hours and give them a 6-hour break.

The coconut swelling tabs from UGro are neutral and offer an ideal storage option for irrigation water. They are composed of individual flakes and thus create space for additional oxygen. This in turn promotes growth and prevents mold formation on the sensitive roots.

The set also includes a hygrometer so that you can keep an eye on the climate in the greenhouse at all times. Check the values ​​daily - your cuttings like it moist, but not wet!

"High-End" Grow Set

You can grow up to 72 plants into proud plants with the "High-End" package. The package consists of:

  • 1x greenhouse with heating system for up to 72 seedlings
  • 1x Hydroca Hobby 100 LED with 100 W effective output
  • 3x Ugro coconut source tabs (24 pieces each)
  • 1x analogue timer from LeGrand
  • < li>1x Grow Guru Basics Hygrometer
  • 1x pressure sprayer for watering

Starting with the greenhouse, the light and the climate - your plants are well looked after and protected from all external influences protected.

The included greenhouse offers you plenty of space for your cuttings and these in turn a balanced and healthy climate for strong growth in the first phase of your plants life. The robust, waterproof growing bowl protects the inside of the box from contamination, while the transparent cover guarantees optimal light incidence. The powerful 50 W heating system, in combination with the adjustable ventilation openings, ensures a controllable and beneficial temperature and humidity. Depending on your needs, you can increase or reduce the power of the heating plate and let your cuttings thrive at a pleasant 25-30 °C even when the outside temperature is low.

The Hydroca Hobby 100 LED has an effective output of 100 W and a proud 1660 µmol/m²/s PPFD at a distance of 30 cm. The illuminant is equipped with high-quality Osram LED chips, which are optimized for both the growth and flowering phases of various plants. You can use two switches to control the different light spectra individually and thus illuminate your seedlings in a targeted manner.

The LED has a service life of at least 50,000 operating hours - so you can use it for years without hesitation. It is protected against splash water and dust and is also suitable as the main light source for your plants. Designed for use with mother plants, it gives your seedlings plenty of power to shoot up quickly and vigorously.

Ugro coconut tabs are characterized by their neutral, pleasant composition and protect your young seedlings on the way to a fully grown plant. They consist of many individual flakes, which on the one hand are excellently suited to storing liquid and, on the other hand, leave small spaces behind when they swell, in which oxygen can accumulate. In this way, the roots of your plants are optimally cared for and also protected against mold growth.

Using the supplied pressure sprayer, you can carefully supply your seedlings with liquid without having to worry about overwatering.

LeGrand's analog timer allows you to control the LED lighting cycles down to 15 minutes. 18 hours of light, followed by a 6-hour period of darkness, is ideal for the growth of most plants.

In order to be able to monitor the climate in your new greenhouse, a hygrometer is also included in the set. Check the levels at least once a day and try to keep the humidity around 80%.

X-Stream 20 - Aeroponics for cuttings

The "X-Stream" cutting set

This package is for Suitable for up to 20 plants and thanks to the effective aeroponic greenhouse and the lighting specially developed for the cultivation, it creates a decent growth in an excellent time.

By using the enclosed Clonex Rooting Gel, root growth is additionally promoted.

In this You get the package:

  • 1x X -Stream 20 Aeroponics Greenhouse
  • 1x Lightwave T5 2x24W Fluorescent Tubes
  • 1x Clonex Rooting Gel , which stimulates the root to grow even more
  • 1x analogue timer
  • 1x hygrometer

About the set

Aeroponics is a special continuous watering method in which your plants are constantly sprayed with a fine mixture of nutrient solution and air. The liquid is atomized, enriched with oxygen and delivered directly to the roots of your cuttings.

The result is an optimal supply of water and oxygen, which plays an important role in the development of your plants. Growth and the formation of strong roots are accelerated and diseases and mold formation are prevented at the same time.

With the X-Stream 20, the manufacturer Nutriculture has now packed this technology into a size suitable for cuttings. Your plants are held in position by a perforated plate with mesh pots and are permanently illuminated with a healthy mist from below. You don't need a water connection for this - fill 1 to 2 liters of liquid into the box, connect the pump to a socket and get started.

You can see exactly how the system works in our video:

In order to further increase the chance of a successful and quick start, we also recommend an artificial light source that promotes the photosynthesis of your cuttings without subjecting them to excessive heat (especially in the sensitive early stages, this can even be beneficial for the development rather harmful). Our set therefore includes the Lightwave T5 lamp with 2x24 W fluorescent tubes. This was specially designed for cultivation and, with a color temperature of 6500 K, emits just the right light for your young plants.

In addition to a hygrometer and a timer to control your lighting, we also have Clonex Rooting for you Gel included in the package. This little wonder drug also stimulates root growth. You can easily add the solution to the irrigation water or test it on individual plants first. To do this, fill a few milliliters of the solution into a small container and then dip your cuttings (carefully) with the roots in the liquid.

With these products you offer your little plants the ideal starting conditions and save yourself more than just a little time and nerves. If you have any questions about our sets or just didn't find the right offer for you, feel free to contact us and together we will look for a solution that suits you.

We look forward to seeing you :)

Your Grow Guru Team

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