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Keeping a mother plant is a great thing: you don't need seeds and you can grow genetic copies of your most prized plant just from cuttings - who wouldn't want that? However, this also requires the right environment. You can find out what equipment you need and what you can do with it here on this page.

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Mother plants - a short how-to

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What are we even talking about?

You probably know it too: one of your plants is developing wonderfully; it has a solid trunk, many strong branches with large, healthy leaves and grows to unimagined heights before your eyes. In short, she promises a bountiful and tasty harvest. So you want to harness the potential of this plant, and do it more than once.

On the one hand, this is possible and, on the other hand, not complicated at all. Before you send your treasures into bloom, simply separate the most promising of them from the rest and grow them in a separate room into a full-grown, proud mother plant. You can keep them alive for well over a year in the right environment and with a little care. During this time you take cuttings from strong shoots and thus create genetic copies of your protégé (which in turn grow back into their own plants).

We have explained in detail elsewhere how to produce such clones in a simple and reliable way .

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The right equipment

At first glance, a mother plant set does not differ much from other complete sets that we offer in our shop. On the whole, that's correct, but the devil (as so often) is in the details - which (as so often) are important.

In the following we would like to explain to you what to look out for when choosing your equipment should. If you prefer, you can jump directly to our sets and go to the saved one Time to look forward to your fresh cuttings.

First, your mother needs her own grow box. As a rule, this should only offer space for one plant and can therefore be a bit smaller; we recommend a tent with an area of ​​80 x 80 cm and enough room above to accommodate lamps and ventilation.

The next item on your list should be lighting. This should support your mother plant in her growth and provide enough power to illuminate the entire area of ​​your box (sufficiently bright). You also want to keep the plant constantly in the vegetation phase - so you basically don't need any special flowering bulbs. For this reason, our sets contain either a growth needle or an LED. Although the latter has higher acquisition costs, it saves electricity and is therefore profitable over a long period of time. Since you want to avoid initiating flowering, exposure times should stick to 18 hours light and 6 hours dark.

In order to always have a sufficient supply of fresh air, adequate ventilation is also advisable. This should be tailored to the size of your grow box and be able to promote a corresponding volume. Since you want to keep the plant constantly growing, the odor formation at this point is only a small factor (which is still there). Our packages therefore contain simple AC fans.

Recirculating air fans are also worthwhile. The additional air movement encourages your mother to form a stronger trunk and thus become more stable overall.

In addition to the technical components, the choice of the growth medium is also crucial - traditionally, soil is the most common choice here. This can be fertilized a little more - your plant can take it in the meantime. Our recommendation is the BioBizz AllMix. However, more and more home gardeners are choosing to grow with hydroponic systems because, when used correctly, they can achieve really remarkable results. For this reason, our high-end set includes a drip irrigation system from Nutriculture . This has been specially designed for use with mother plants and ensures ideal watering. If you choose this system, however, you have to do without soil and use clay granules instead.

Last but not least, there is the right fertilizer. This section might be shorter than you think, as you want your mother plant to do two things above all: grow and stay healthy. Above all, you need a growth fertilizer (for soil or hydro). In addition, you can provide yourself with a kind of all-round happiness equipment in order to be able to counteract any deficiency symptoms in good time. However, this is a topic in itself and is usually solved quite individually - so we recommend that you contact us directly if you have any questions . We are always happy to advise you.

You have now learned what to look out for when buying your equipment. Everything that we have just described to you has been implemented in our complete sets. Now it's time for you to get to know them!

Our mother plant sets


With the high-end set, you make no compromises and only get the best for your plant:

  • Flo-Gro Drip Irrigation System
  • Canna Clay Pebbles
  • Hydroca Hobby 300 LED
  • Hydroca Ambition Box 80 with Orca -Foil
  • AKF ventilation set 125 mm with controllable fan (temperature and speed)
  • Convection fan to circulate the air
  • Analog timer from LeGrand
  • Grow Guru Basics attachment set
  • 1 L Hesi Hydro Growth Fertilizer


The practical price-performance set promises you not only the high-quality lighting, but above all the tried-and-tested AirPot pot. You get:

  • 20 L AirPot Pot for optimal oxygen supply
  • BioBizz AllMix soil
  • Hydroca Hobby 300 LED
  • Hydroca Ambition Box 80 with Orca foil
  • AKF ventilation set 125 mm with 2-speed fan
  • Circulation fan to circulate the air
  • Analog timer from LeGrand
  • Grow Guru Basics attachment set
  • 1 L BioBizz Fish Mix fertilizer


The low-budget package is also impressive. A 250 W Lumatek HPS provides powerful exposure, while the Orca foil of the Ambition Box 80 directs the light even to the darkest corners. The set includes:

  • 18 L Square pot with saucer
  • BioBizz AllMix soil
  • Lumatek 250 W HPS set
  • Hydroca Ambition Box 80 with Orca foil
  • AKF ventilation set 125 mm with 2-speed Fan
  • Circulation fan to circulate the air
  • Analog timer from LeGrand
  • Grow Guru Basics attachment set
  • 1 L BioBizz Fish Mix fertilizer

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