Growbox Review

You are looking for the right Growbox for your grow project, but you don't know which is the right one? Our Growbox Review gives you the answers you need. In the following we compare four different growboxes and give you tips for your individual decision. This Growbox Test puts the Romberg Powertent 80, the Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot HS80, the Secret Jardin Dark Street 120W and the Secret Jardin Dark Room 150W Growbox before. These four growboxes have quality and price differences, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Romberg Powertent 80 Review

The Romberg Powertent series is available in sizes from 50x50cm to 120x120cm. It is characterized by a solid workmanship, a generous equipment and a simple construction.

Equipment and features

The Romberg Powertent 80 has four openings, one for the exhaust air, one for the electrical system and two for the supply air. Integrated ventilation tunnels and roll-up ventilation flaps guarantee a perfect microclimate. It is also easy to set up and clean because the floor is removable. A special feature is the very long zip, which covers three sides of the tent. The Powertent 80 is absolutely air and waterproof and has a stable frame. It also has the advantage of a rectangular base area. This ensures even illumination of the box. Another advantage is the height of the box of 1.80cm. Even large plants find plenty of room to grow here.

The price of the Romberg Powertent 80 is around 110€ and is therefore in the middle price range for this size.

Romberg Powertent 80 Review

Romberg Powertent 80

Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot HS80 Review

Somewhat cheaper than the Romberg Powertent series is the Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot Series. As from the manufacturer Secret Jardin the growboxes are of good quality, but this series is especially for grow beginners with somewhat lower demands.

Equipment and features

In contrast to the Romberg Powertent 80 this Growbox only two openings, the inlet and outlet for the air hose. It is quick and easy to assemble and is also absolutely water and airtight. However, it offers considerably less space for plant pots than the Romberg Powertent. A maximum of 9 pots of 11 litres each fit into it, in Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot HS80 but only 4 pots of the same size. You should also keep in mind that it can only be 160cm high and is therefore not suitable for larger plants. However, this one also has Growbox the advantage of being rectangular. This guarantees a uniform illumination. Compared to higher quality growboxes from Secret Jardin has the Hydro Shoot Series have the disadvantage of letting minimal light emissions through in absolute darkness. In addition, the payload is limited to 10 kilos and there are fewer accessories than in the higher price segment. However, these growboxes are available from a size of 40x40x120cm, which makes them very attractive for beginners or people with very little space.

The price is about 80€ and therefore much cheaper than the Romberg box.

Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot HS80 under test

Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot HS80

Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot 80 Build up

Secret Jardin Growboxes are really easy to set up. We recommend to set up the box in pairs. But you can also do it alone.

In the video you can see how the model Hydro Shoot Rev 1.0 is being built up. The structure works in principle, but the same for all models. The product lines (Hydro Shoot, Dark Street and Dark Room), as well as the revisions differ rather in details and equipment.

Secret Jardin Dark Street 120W Review

Also the Secret Jardin Dark Street Series is aimed at grow beginners, but is characterized by better quality and larger growboxes than the Hydro Shoot Series.

Equipment and features

The Secret Jardin Dark Street 120W has a size of 120x60x170cm and therefore belongs to the rectangular boxes. These have the disadvantage that one lamp is usually not sufficient to guarantee a uniform illumination. However, this problem can be solved with a second lamp. In contrast to the Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot offers this Growbox three openings, one each for supply and exhaust air, and an opening for the cables. The tent material has been improved, is washable from the inside and outside and the zippers are absolutely opaque. These aspects speak for a long durability of the Growbox. Compared to the cheaper Hydro Shoot offers the Dark Street Series offers the advantage of a higher load capacity of up to 30 kilos. There is also space for 10 pots of 11 litres each in the GrowboxHowever, even with this box there may be low light emissions, which can only be reduced by the professional series from Romberg Powertent 80 Secret Jardin Dark Room can be excluded.

The price of this box is about 130€, which makes it a bit more expensive than the Romberg Powertent 80, but it also offers a bit more space for plant pots.

Secret Jardin 120 W Review

Secret Jardin Dark Street 120W

Secret Jardin Dark Street build

Also the Dark Street Growboxes are easy to set up. It's easier when there's two of you. But you can also do it alone.

In our video you can see how the model Dark Street 120W is built up. But the construction is the same for all models.

Secret Jardin Dark Room 150W Review

The Dark Room Series of Secret Jardin is aimed at grow professionals. It is characterized by a significantly higher load capacity of maximum 50 kilos, which means that larger growboxes can also be offered.

Equipment and features

The Secret Jardin Dark Room 150W has significantly more openings than the other growboxes, namely a total of 8, including 2 openings each for supply and exhaust air, 2 CoolTube openings and 2 openings for cables. Unlike the other boxes, it also has two side doors and two windows. With a size of 150x90x200cm it also offers a lot of space even for very large plants. There is also room for a maximum of 18 pots of 11 litres each. Like the Secret Jardin Dark Street 120W also has this Growbox a rectangular shape, which is why two lamps should be used to ensure uniform lighting.

The Dark Room 150W offers the clear advantage that it is absolutely opaque and has better features than the other Secret Jardin Series.

However, these differences in quality are also reflected in the price. The Dark Room 150W is with about 230€ the most expensive box in our Growbox Review, but also offers the most space and the best quality.

Secret Jardin Dark Room 150W Review

Secret Jardin Dark Room 150W

Secret Jardin Dark Room build

The building of a Dark Room Growboxing is also quite simple. The small boxes can easily be set up by yourself. Theoretically it also works with the larger models, as you can see in the video. But from 150cm on it becomes a little bit difficult on your own.

In our video you can see how the model Dark Room 240 is set up. The construction is the same for all models.

Conclusion and recommendation

Grow Box Review conclusion

Our conclusion

In general, the two manufacturers Secret Jardin and Romberg. The growboxes from Secret Jardin can be divided into three different series Hydro Shoot, Dark Street and Dark Room very well with each other Hydro Shoot is the perfect solution for grow beginners who don't have a big budget, but still want good quality. With the Dark Street Series they can expand their possibilities, there are more accessories and larger growboxes. The Romberg Powertents can also be placed in a similar category. They impress with a good price-performance ratio and with a lot of space and accessories. However, growers who do not want to make any compromises are recommended to use the Secret Jardin Dark Room Series. These boxes are absolutely opaque and more stable than the other growboxes. Therefore they can also be offered in sizes that offer significantly more space.

Ultimately, the decision depends on our Growbox Review for your perfect Growbox from your demands and also your available space. You should also pay attention to what plants you want to grow. The growboxes differ for example in height and only with the Dark Room In the first series you can reach a maximum height of 2.35m, whereas the growboxes of the other series end at a height of 2.00m.

You can get help with the decision from our Growbox Configurator. Here you can enter your cultivation technique and the size of your individual grow project. You also enter your available budget and which light sources you want to work with. The purchase advisor will then suggest a Growbox that fits your needs and you can choose the optimal size.