The Grow Guru-Beta tester program


We are constantly developing our store. We develop new features for our store, because we want to be more than just an ordinary webshop. This is how we come up with ideas like our shopping advisor, our electricity cost calculator, the Grow Reports on the start page, etc. We change something in our store almost every week.

We are also constantly adapting our assortment. We add new products to our assortment or throw out other products, e.g. because we or our customers are not convinced of them.

We do all this with the aim that our customers are even more satisfied.

We are very much guided by the feedback of our customers and are constantly looking for beta testers for new store features and products.

Are you interested in being the first to test new functions in the store?

Would you like to be informed when we test new products and receive special discounts for beta testers?

Sign up for our beta tester program! We will send you a short email (every few weeks) when we start a beta test.

You can find the registration form at the bottom right of every page in the store.