Conditions of the Grow Guru Partner program:

1.Purpose of thePartner Program
The Partner Program enables website operators (hereinafter referred to as "Partners") to advertise the offer of the web stores of mako GmbH with the help of common online advertising techniques.

2.Requirements for the Partners
The participation for Partners is free of charge.

The commission is 10% (different conditions are possible and will be agreed directly with us).
The assignment of commissions for the partners is done via a cookie, which is stored on the visitor's computer. The assignment is valid for 30 days.
Commissions are paid for successfully completed, non-returned customer orders.

Payments of commissions are possible after the expiration of the return period (1 month).
Commission payouts are possible in the form of shopping vouchers in the Grow Guru Webshop or in the form of bank transfers.
The payout is triggered manually by the partner.
The minimum amount for a payout in the form of shopping vouchers is 0 EUR.
The minimum amount for a payout in the form of a bank transfer is 50 EUR. When requesting a payout in the form of a bank transfer, the partner must submit an invoice. We will be happy to provide you with an invoice template.

5.Advertising techniques and advertising channels
Placement of advertising is only permitted on websites that have been viewed and approved by mako GmbH.
Advertising media can be created by the customer. Alternatively, mako GmbH shall provide advertising media upon request. An associated assumption of liability for the content of the partner's website by mako GmbH is excluded.
No blackhat techniques. Manipulation or attempted manipulation of the provisioning system, which is contrary to the purpose of the partner program, is prohibited. A redirection to stores of mako GmbH may only take place if the visitor of the site has explicitly expressed this, e.g. by clicking on an advertisement.
No spam. Should be self-evident...

The agreement can be terminated by either party at any time without notice.
In case of violation of the terms of this agreement, the right to payment of open commissions expires.

End of the affiliate program terms and conditions.

Good examples

Our motto is "We want to become your favorite grow store."
We want to convince our customers by our performance, not by aggressive marketing.

Here you can find a nice example how Grow Guru can be advertised without being aggressive:

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