Publish Grow Report - as a small thank you a Grow Guru Beach towel as a gift!

Do you already know our Grow Reports?

On the start page of Grow Guru we publish anonymous reports of our customers. Other customers have the opportunity to learn from your experience or ask questions directly. You can answer the questions, or we can, or other customers can. So everybody learns from everybody!

If you also want to publish a Grow Report with us, you will get a cuddly Grow Guru Beach towel as a gift. The beach towel is limited and not for sale. You can only win it or get it as a gift.

All you have to do is:

  1. Please answer our 6 interview questions below.
  2. Send us at least 3 pictures of your grow project. The more pictures the better. It would be best if you can see the whole progress of your grow project (setup to harvest)

Important note about pictures:

The publication of the Grow Reports is anonymous.

We are really only interested in how you are doing with our products. The pictures should not show people, personal items or plants. If you send us pictures that include people, personal items, or plants, we will make it unrecognizable using Photoshop.

Conditions of Participation:

  1. By submitting a grow report, you are accepting the terms and conditions of participation.
  2. Please understand that we cannot publish every Grow Report submitted. Only Grow Reports that we publish will be rewarded with a shopping voucher.
  3. We will publish the submitted texts and pictures anonymously. The rights to the submitted texts and pictures go to the operator of the Grow Guru Store operator.

6 Interview Questions
Please describe your grow project with a few sentences.
(Indoor or Outdoor? How many plants? What kind of medium?)

How did you find Grow Guru and what kind of equipment did you choose?

How did the setup of your equipment work out?

How did your grow project go?

What would you do differently next time?

Is there anything we can learn from Grow Guru can do better?

Take part now
Please send your grow report via email to

Thank you very much!
Your team from Grow Guru