Complete sets lighting

What is important?

If you are serious about your grow project, there are 2 things you should not skimp on:

1. lighting
2. Fertilizer

Plants need light. Lots of light! If your plants don't get enough light, they won't develop fully and will only produce a few flowers.

We have put together the following complete sets that will make every beginner happy!

High-End Complete Sets

These sets are intended for users who do not want to compromise on quality.
Only the highest quality components are included.

Top price-performance

These are the sets we sell most often.
There are balanced components included and the assembly is easy. In short, the price-performance ratio is the best.

Low-budget beginner sets

For beginners with very small budget we have 2 Low Budget Sets together.
The quality of the components is a bit easier and the assembly is a bit more complex.

What kind of lamps do I need?

In the germination and cutting phase you don't need strong lamps yet. You can work with energy saving lamps (ESL), neon tubes or LEDs. We recommend the cuttings lighting of Secret Jardin

In the growth and flowering phase your plants need a lot of light. Again: A LOT of light! The Non-Plus-Ultra are still NDL lamps. The best results are achieved with two different light sources. One bulb for the growth phase and one for the flowering phase

How much light do I need?

In the growth and flowering phase , a rule of thumb is: for 2-3 plants, a 250W lamp is sufficient. For 4-6 plants a 400W lamp. For everything above that we recommend either 2x400W or 600W.

What are NDL lamps? What is a ballast (VSA)? How do I assemble it?

Don't panic. Simplified: For the operation of a NDL lamp a very high voltage is needed. The voltage from your wall socket is not enough for this. That's why you need a ballast in between.

If you buy a NDL set, you have to assemble the whole thing as follows:

Plug --> power cable --> ballast --> power cable --> lamp holder

Quite simple, isn't it?

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