SANlight complete set HIGH END 80

The SANlight complete set EXP 80 offers you:

  • Space for 5 plants
  • 1 x SANlight EVO 4-80 with 250 W output
  • 1 x Hydroca Ambition Box with 80 x 80 cm footprint.
  • a ventilation designed for the box size
  • all the equipment for a successful indoor grow - pots, fertilizer and much more

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SANlight is the undisputed number 1 among European manufacturers of growing LEDs. And not without reason: the plant lamps from Austria impress with performance, quality and user-friendliness. It's high time to pack the new EVO bulbs from the popular manufacturer into a few comprehensive sets!

The SANlight Complete Sets from Grow Guru

With our SANlight sets, we want to equip you with well thought-out, powerful and easy-to-use systems with which you can overcome every obstacle of indoor cultivation in a sprint.

The sets contain everything you need for a successful grow:

  • a powerful SANlight lighting
  • a high-quality and easily accessible grow box
  • a ventilation system suitable for the box size
  • soil, pots & fertilizer
  • Circulating air ventilation
  • Useful accessories such as timer, hygrometer and more

SANlight recommends distinguishing between the power density of the respective lamps when equipping your grow box - for beginners or professionals. In order to enable you to grow optimally, we have of course orientated ourselves on this and designed the sets according to the recommendations. Further down the page you will find more about the differences between the two systems.

PRICE-PERFORMANCE or HIGH END - beginner or professional

"Gardeners' requirements for their lamps can be just as different as the lamps' requirements for their gardeners." With this sentence, SANlight presented its previous ECO/EXPERT setup. The system has now been replaced by the new EVO LEDs, but the core statement is still true.

The differences between a PRICE-PERFORMANCE and a HIGH-END complete set are primarily in the power density that you achieve with the included LEDs. The PRICE-PERFORMANCE setup is aimed at "normal" growers and is also great for anyone who has just started growing indoors. The sets convince with an excellent price-performance ratio and do not place any special demands on the gardener. So you enjoy the benefits of high-quality SANlight lighting without having to worry too much about your plants. Compared to a sodium vapor lamp with the same lead, you also save 50% electricity.

HIGH END sets, on the other hand, require a little more attention; The LEDs that you get in such a SANlight package have a lot of power! While this can noticeably increase your yield, it also pushes your plants to their limits all the time (too much light can also be quite demanding for plants). So they are in a constant state of stress and need special care - they don't take mistakes as easily as you might be used to. If you trust yourself to be able to trade the HIGH END setup, you will benefit from beautiful, large flowers. The power saving compared to HPSs is still a good 35% here.

When creating our sets, we not only considered performance, but also ideally adapted the remaining components such as exhaust and circulating air to the requirements of your new setup. If you would like to buy a SANlight complete set, you will receive a perfectly coordinated system.

It's best if we simply introduce the content to you quickly:

Overview: What awaits you in our SANlight sets

Unsere SANlight Komplettsets enthalten natürlich SANlight LEDs

The heart of the sets are of course the new, capable SANlight LEDs. The illuminants from SANlight are not only the most popular, but also currently the strongest grow LEDs on the market. They are characterized by a very long service life and high-quality Osram diodes, which can achieve an excellent system efficiency of 3 µmol/J. The lights emit a full spectrum that you can use throughout the grow. A mains cable and a magnetic dimmer are also included.

You can see exactly which LEDs you will receive in the short description of the respective sets.

  • 3 µmol/J system efficiency
  • Osram High Power LED Chips
  • 100,000 operating hours service life
  • 3 year guarantee
Im Set sind zudem Hydroca Ambition Growboxen enthalten

The Hydroca Ambition grow boxes form the foundation of your indoor grow. They provide a livable home for your plants and help you create a stable, friendly climate zone. The highly reflective, white inner lining directs the light emitted by the LEDs to hard-to-reach corners. The film is impermeable to water and prevents light from escaping from the tent. A spacious entrance makes it easier for you to work on your plants. Four openings on the sides allow easy access for exhaust air and power supply.

  • Highly reflective inner lining
  • high-quality, solid outer skin
  • Easy access to the cultivation area
  • Lockable viewing window
  • A total of 4 access points for exhaust air, electricity and more
Leistungsfähige Belüftungssysteme sorgen für ein stabiles Klima

The right climate is a crucial factor for the success of your grow. If it gets too hot or too cold, your plants suffer and with them your yield. It is therefore important that the exhaust air is matched to the size of the grow box and the power of the lamps. Activated charcoal filters also prevent odors from escaping and special exhaust air hoses insulate the noise level of the fans. Depending on whether you decide on a PRICE-PERFORMANCE or a HIGH END setup, you will receive a different climate system.


  • 1 x AC fan, which you can control individually via the temperature and speed
  • 1 x flexible hose, which flexes the exhaust air out of the box


  • 1x powerful EC fan, which you can also control via the prevailing temperature and speed
  • 1 x sound-absorbing Sonodec hose for noise suppression

The ECO Set 120 is due to the tent size also includes the stronger EC fan.

Das Set benötigt natürlich auch ein paar Töpfe, zum Beispiel Air-Pots

In a complete set you will of course also find pots, fertilizer and soil - after all, you shouldn't have to worry about anything anymore. For this reason, we provide you with slightly pre-fertilized Plagron soil, which supports your plants a little in the beginning without over-fertilization occurring right away. The popular Hesi starter box also contains ALL the fertilizers you need for a complete cultivation cycle - from growth to flowering.

The supplied pots are robust and offer enough space for healthy root formation. While standard square pots are included in the ECO set, the EXPERT setup offers an upgrade to the innovative air pots. These enrich the soil at the edges with a lot of oxygen and thus ensure that the pot is fully rooted. Your plants will be more resilient and grow better.

  • Slightly pre-fertilized Plagron soil
  • 1 x fertilizer set from Hesi, which provides you with everything you need for a grow
  • robust square pots (11 L)
  • only in the EXPERT set: 12, 5 L Air-Pot pots ensure optimal root formation and increase the health of your plants
Zubehör ist auch dabei: Umluft-Ventilatoren, Hygrometer und Scheren

Our useful accessories make your gardening life easier.

  • 1 x hygrometer for measuring humidity and temperature
  • 1 x digital timer for ideal control of the light cycles
  • A pair of scissors for pruning and harvesting your plants
  • Depending on the size of the grow tent, 1 or 2 circulating air fans; these swirl the air in the tent and support your plants in forming strong, supporting branches

All products in the SANlight complete sets complement each other and simplify your everyday life as a grower. If you have any questions or suggestions about the individual articles simply write to us and we will help you!

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