120 Box Price Performance Set (GROWBOX FREE)

The price-performance set

  • everything you need - at a reasonable price
  • hydroca included Ambition Box with 120 x 120 cm base area.
  • 1 x strong Hydroca Ambition 320 LED
  • ventilation designed for the box size provides a suitable climate

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Our "Growbox Free" complete set

You are a beginner and want to get a complete set for your new Hobby uncomplicated a usable set-up? Or you have already gained experience and need more space for your plants quickly? The "Growbox free"-action from Grow Guru is just the right thing for you!

The complete sets offer you everything you need for successful cultivation: from light, ventilation and soil to useful accessories - everything is included. And best of all: the setincludes Growbox included in the set as a gift!

What is the difference between the High-End and the Price-Performance Set?

Both sets give you all the tools and utensils you need to create your Hobby with success. Of course, there is one or the other difference:

High End:

  • best quality
  • fair price
  • low-noise aeration system
  • AirRap pots for optimized oxygen supply to the roots


  • good quality
  • reasonable prices
  • standard aeration system tailored to the box
  • classic square pots

If we have piqued your interest, just read on to learn more about the contents of the complete set.


The Ambition Box 120 from the manufacturer Hydroca is an excellently crafted grow tent and meets the requirements of beginners and advanced growers at the same time. The high-quality white high-reflective film has excellent reflective properties and directs the light to your plants from every angle, so that their growth and yield is noticeably strengthened. Load-bearing tent poles and sensibly positioned openings for ventilation and power supply make it easy for you to install the set-up. The side-opening front access also allows you to work and garden comfortably.

  • Footprint: 120 x 120 cm
  • offers space for 12 plants
  • generous flaps inhibit the spread of light and odor outside the box


Hydroca Ambition 320 LED

The included light source is also from Hydroca: The powerful Ambition 320 LED is one of the best-selling light sources of the ambitious manufacturer and has a lot to offer your plants with an effective power of 320 W each. The comprehensive color spectrum makes the emitted light appear whitish, which in comparison to the pinkish light of the former Blue Line Series, this makes it much more pleasant to work on the plants. High blue and red components give your plants proper power in growth and flowering phases, while the remaining covered wavelengths facilitate photosynthesis.

  • 320 W effective power
  • optimally suited for a base area of 120 x 120 cm
  • 2.1 µmol/J system efficiency


Your plants absolutely need the right climate to grow and produce fruit. If it gets too hot they will die and all the effort was in vain. To avoid this, a ventilation system tailored to the box is essential

For this purpose, the set includes a high quality Prima Klima Fan. This can be controlled by a temperature set by the and thanks to the backward blades keeps its performance even when operating with a filter. An activated carbon filter for odor neutralization is of course also included, as well as a sound-absorbing Sonodec hose to be able to direct the exhaust air specifically to the outside. The installation of a ventilation system can sometimes be a pain, which is why we also provide you with sleeves and hose clamps to facilitate the connection of the respective parts.

Thus you get in the set:

  • 1 x Prima Klima Temp./Speed Controlled EC fan for a volume of up to 680 m³
  • 1 x Sonodec hose with built-in noise reduction
  • 1 x activated carbon filter for 480 m³ room volume with 125 flange (in mm)

Circulating air

Recirculation is an important, but sometimes ignored factor for a successful grow. The correct use of recirculation systems offers you two advantages: firstly, the air inside your box is mixed, which benefits the health and your plants and their ability to photosynthesize. Second, early use of recirculating fans results in thicker stems and stems; thus, the stability of your favorites is increased, reducing the risk of them toppling over due to excessive weight towards the end of the grow

Pots and substrate

You can't have hobby gardening without pots and soil, so of course you'll be equipped with those in this set. The price-performance complete set contains standard square pots, which with a capacity of 11 liters can easily handle all plant phases.

In addition, you will receive the Light Mix soil from the well-known manufacturer Plagron as a growing medium. This contains basic nutrients, but not in too high a concentration, so that the risk of overfertilization is reduced, especially for beginners.

  • 12 x 11 L square pots
  • 3 x 50 L Plagron Lightmix soil


The accessories include a small "all-round carefree" package and give you enough possibilities to take care of your plants adequately. The most important one is certainly a fertilizer kit from Hesi specially designed for soil, which covers the complete grow with growth and flowering phase from the beginning. In addition, we provide a harvesting shear, a hygrometer for temperature and humidity and yellow stickers to prevent possible pest infestation.

In summary you will receive:

  • 1 x Hesi fertilizer starter kit for soil
  • 1 x harvesting shears "Florist
  • 1 x Grow Guru Basics Hygrometer
  • 1 x pack of yellow stickers against pests

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