hydroca Ambition Box 120 (120x120x200cm)

High quality Growbox with excellent price-performance ratio

  • Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 200cm
  • Light: (recommendation)
    • LED Hydroca Ambition 320 or Hydroca Pro 630
    • HPS: 600 W or 1000 W
  • Exhaust air: (recommendation) 125 mm flange
  • Pots: (recommendation) max. 25 pots each 11 liters

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Sperrgut Art. Nr.:HYBOXAMB120

209,90 €

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Hydroca goes Growbox

Hydroca is a manufacturer that has so far mainly attracted attention with its LEDs. Besides the beginner-friendly Hobby - Series, the company has launched the Ambition LED series, which is particularly interesting for professionals (and those who want to become professionals). However, the manufacturer's know-how is not limited to illuminants. To be able to develop a good and convincing plant lamp, there must be, among other things, knowledge and experience of the given environment

Using this experience, Hydroca has made it its goal to create its own environment for growing your plants. This should not only be tailored to the plants themselves and support, for example, climate control and photosynthesis, but at the same time facilitate the user, that is, you, his work through a practical design. The result of these considerations is the Hydroca Ambition Growbox

The heart: the interior

The 120 x 120 x 200 cm interior is completely covered with highly reflective white coating. This reflects almost all the incoming light and directs it evenly into all corners of the box. This ensures that even the side shoots of your plants are sufficiently supplied with light and no potential is lost.

The film is of course impermeable to water and prevents dirt and liquids from leaving the grow tent unintentionally. To facilitate cleaning of the interior, a separate, second floor element was installed, which can be removed from the tent at any time.

Also noteworthy is the passive heat dissipation of the inner coating in combination with the outer skin, with which the box makes it easier for you to prevent possible overheating.

The box also comes with fastening straps

The framework - simple but functional

Setting up the tent proves to be uncomplicated and quick due to the neatly processed plastic connectors. The robust tent poles, in turn, impress with their load-bearing capacity. The last few years, the, compared to NDL but much heavier, LEDs have conquered the market (mostly) undisputed. Together with the ventilation system, this results in a non-negligible payload for most grow boxes. With the Ambition Box hydroca has adapted its tent to the given conditions and designed a frame that can be used without hesitation

In order to be able to comfortably accommodate all your equipment in the box, the frame is supplemented by three additional arms, which can be used individually in the roof area of the tent. The straps needed for the suspension are of course also included.

The outer shell

The outer design of the box shows Hydroca's desire to follow the Grower to accommodate the work on the plants. With a total of four 200 mm tube socks for supply air (bottom), exhaust air (roof) as well as cooling (left and right), the box gives you more than enough room to adjust the climate of your grow room exactly to the needs of your plants.

The two wings of the front access, which can be opened to the side, can be fixed in different positions by means of various Velcro fasteners and thus allow you to work comfortably. The large viewing window on the side can be darkened as desired and has a robust insect screen to protect your treasures from bugs. All seams and zippers are of high quality and a generous overlap at the front entrance guarantees a completely sealed and opaque tent.


  • 120 x 120 x 200 cm
  • offers space for a maximum of 25 11-liter pots
  • 4 Tubes-Socks à 200 mm
  • Barrier-free access
  • Comfortable working due to large front access
  • Viewing window with insect screen
  • White high reflection foil for optimal PAR values and high plant growth
  • high-quality zippers and seams
  • Load-bearing, easy to set up frame
  • Opaque and waterproof

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Data sheet
EAN 4260587873855
Size 120 x 120 cm
Article category Top price-performance ratio
Shipping Sperrgut
Innenbeschichtung Orca-Folie
Grundfläche 120 x 120 cm
Höhe 200 cm
Grundform rechteckig
Marke Hydroca

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