Homebox HomeLab 60 (60x60x160 cm)

Very sturdy box for a good price

  • Footprint: 60 x 60 cm
  • Light: (recommendation)
    • LED: Hydroca Hobby 100 Rev2
    • HPS: 250 W or 400 W
  • Exhaust air: (recommendation) 125 mm flange
  • Pots: (recommendation) max. 4 pots each 11 liters

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Art. Nr.:HBGL02

107,95 €

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For larger mother plants and cuttings

If you have a constant need for cuttings, then the Homebox60 is just your Growbox. The expanded space provides enough room to grow your cuttings to the desired size. We recommend lighting the HL60 T5 fluorescent multiple light fixtures, energy saving lamps (fluorescent lamps) or a 150W NDL. Total opacity means you can have different lighting schedules in multiple tents in the same location. A great choice for passionate enthusiasts and professional growers.

Ventilation inlet 3 x 5″ / 130 mm (ports adjust to fit smaller diameter ducting and equipment)

Cable feed through 2 x 4″ / 100mm


Interior: premium silver reflective surface

Exterior: black waterproof and opaque polyester fabric

Other features

  • 3 x passive air inlets and outlets with integrated 700 micron fine mesh insect screen and removable shutter

Recommended lighting

Hydroca Hobby 100 Rev2 LED

What is the difference between Evolution, Homelab, Vista and Ambient?

We offer four series of HOMEbox: EVOLUTION, HOMELAB, VISTA and AMBIENT.

Homebox: Unterschied zwischen Growlab, Evolution, Ambient und Vista

Evolution series and Homelab series boxes are classic black color. The Evolution series are the high-end products of Homebox. Homelab seriesis the cheaper boxes. They are a little less solid, but are in no way inferior to the Evolution series in terms of function.

The two new series, Vista and Ambient are aimed primarily at gardeners who want to integrate their grow box into the home . The grow boxes here have an elegant and modern beige exterior color and also have a double bottom to make cleaning and handling inside your own home safer and easier. The Vista and Ambient series are comparable to the Evolution series in terms of equipment. So they are also very high quality.

The difference between the Vista and Amb ient series is only in the basic shape. Ambient boxes are always rectangular and Vista boxes are triangular. Vista triangle boxes are designed to be placed in the corner of a room.

Models of Evolution and Ambient series are available in all possible sizes, from bedside table-sized box Q30 (30x30x60 cm) to Q300 (300x300x200 cm) - a small-room-sized box for those who have a little more space available in the living room Models starting with a 'Q' have a square usable area; models starting with an 'R' have a rectangular usable area.

For all series applies:

  • Insect protection - insurmountable(MicroMesh insect screen)
  • light- and waterproof(PAR+ interior coating, Total-Blackout Zippers)
  • quick and easy to assemble - no tools required!
  • outside and inside washable
  • sturdy tubular frame

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Data sheet
EAN 4260220921882
Size 60 x 60 cm
Article category Low Budget
Growth phase of the plant Combi (growth and flowering)
Cultivation medium All media
Shipping Paket
Innenbeschichtung Mylar-Folie
Grundfläche 60 x 60 cm
Höhe 160 cm
Grundform rechteckig
Marke HomeBox

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