Climate + CO2 complete set 160 "Super-Silent
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Climate + CO2 complete set 160 "Super-Silent

  • particularly quiet and efficient thanks to EC technology and sound-insulated air hose
  • Climate control from Grow Control (made in Germany)
  • CO2 sensor and CO2 fitting

For boxes from a size of 150x150cm.

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Our 160 "Super-Silent" ventilation set includes:

  • Prima air conditioning fan 160mm with RJ45 connection socket for EC control device (EC = particularly quiet and efficient)
  • Prima climate activated carbon filter 880m³ INDUSTRY EDITION
  • Sonodec extra-silent Flex hose aluminum 10m
  • 2x hose clamps
  • 1x connection cuff
  • Grow Control GrowBase EC Pro multi-control device (for exhaust air, supply air, CO2, negative pressure, temperature and humidity)
  • Grow Control CO2 Sensor + CO2 Fitting

Who is this set for?

This set is suitable for boxes between 150x150cm and 3x3m. With this size, you don't have to work with an active supply air.

How do I assemble the set and what do I have to consider when setting it up?

Basically: With your ventilation system you create an air flow that flows in on one side and out on the other side. The inlet end should be as far away from the outlet end as possible so that really fresh air is introduced.

If you buy a ventilation kit, you have to assemble the whole thing like this:

You simply leave an opening in your grow box for the supply air. Alternatively, you can use a flexible hose to extract air from a more distant point.

For the exhaust air, the components are connected in this order: Filter (is hung in the box) --> Flex hose --> Fan. The fan sucks the air out of the hose at the end of the chain.

It's easy, isn't it?

Complete set with grow box - where can I find it?

You can find

Grow Box complete sets in our shopping guide. Our online shopping advisor will help you put together a suitable complete set that...
a) suits you and your project perfectly and
b) all the components fit together.
We will guide you to the perfect grow box complete set in 4 simple steps. Plus: You also get a discount on your order.

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