Systemair circular silencer 315mm x 900mm

Systemair circular silencer 315mm x 900mm

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This Systemair high-performance silencer for tube and scroll fans is much more effective than the cheaper models due to the thicker sound insulation of the outer walls.

To ensure effective noise reduction, the silencer should be installed directly before or after the fan or an elbow. If the sound is to be damped both in the pipe and to the environment, we recommend the use of an insulated pipe fan in addition.


  • Total length: 900mm
  • Flange diameter: 315mm (that means: suitable for all fans with 125mm connection)
  • Total diameter: 415mm
  • Weight: 16,3kg

Is a silencer useful for me?

About the efficiency of silencers in combination with different fans and the Sonodec flexible hose you can find a detailed video in our YouTube channel. In this we have tested different versions of supply and exhaust air systems without silencer as well as with pipe silencer and/or Sonodec flexible hose. You can find a summary of the results of this test series here.

It has been shown that the measured volume with a combination of Sonodec hose and silencer is only slightly different from the measured volume when using the flexible hose alone. Therefore the purchase of a pipe silencer is especially useful for you if you decide to use an Aluflex hose instead of the sound-absorbing Sonodec hose

The question of space also plays a very important role. Supply and exhaust air systems take up a lot of space: an activated carbon filter quickly reaches its 40-60 cm length (or more), a fan takes up approx. 30 cm depending on the model, now the pipe silencer is added with at least 60 cm. Remember that the hose also takes up additional length due to any curves - the limit of your Growbox can be quickly reached or even exceeded. Planning is crucial here; consider beforehand which space is available and how sound insulation can be implemented there.

How is a circular silencer installed?

A duct silencer should normally be placed behind the fan. It is best fastened to the fan by means of a fastening collar. For horizontal mounting, an additional bracket for the silencer must be fitted, for example our Grow Guru Mounting kit.

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EAN 4260587870595
Flange (pipe diameter) 315mm
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