CarbonActive EC Silent Box 500m³/h 160mm 820 Pa

CarbonActive EC Silent Box 500m³/h 160mm 820 Pa

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CarbonActive EC Silent Box 500m³/h, 160 mm flange connection

The CarbonActive EC fan silent box is the latest development in the category of supply and exhaust air fans. It was developed according to the new ERP 2015 standard, is extremely powerful and very economical in terms of power consumption.
The EC Silent Box can be dimmed to any speed and thus only consumes the energy that corresponds to its speed without causing annoying humming noises.
Energy-saving EC fans for conveying medium and small air volumes against high resistance. Specially designed for direct installation in duct systems.
Sound-insulated fans made of galvanized steel. These products cannot be used in explosive atmospheres, they can only be used for supply and exhaust of clean air and only inside buildings.

The fans use centrifugal fans with EC motors and maintenance-free ball bearings, which are characterized by high efficiency and high static pressure. The devices have easy-to-open protective hoods that enable uncomplicated maintenance. The constant monitoring of the engine speed is optionally possible.

The speed of the EC motors can be regulated by connecting a 10 kΩ potentiometer to the control circuitry, avoiding large and expensive regulators, or by an external 0-10 VDC signal.

  • Speed ​​controllable
  • Reliable and maintenance-free
  • High Pa/Pressure: Low power consumption
  • Motor protection by built-in thermal contacts

High pressure performance to overcome friction and deflection losses as well as aggregate resistance. For versatile applications in commercial, industrial and residential areas.

  • Small footprint
  • Inexpensive assembly
  • Low sound power
  • High pressure reserve
  • Unrestricted controllability
  • Low installation effort

For easy installation, CarbonActive installs the proven backward curved centrifugal fans in a compact and soundproof metal box. This means that the fan can easily be installed in an existing ventilation network and the performance of your exhaust and supply air system can be optimised.

Each EC Silent Box is equipped with a CE device plug and an RJ45 connection (a jack adapter is included). Thus controllers can be connected directly and without cabling.

During operation, you can switch from a speed controller to a temperature controller within 5 seconds. Or back again. So you remain very flexible in the possibilities

EC SilentBOX 500m³/h Ø160

  • Connection : mm 160
  • Pressure : Pa 820
  • Weight : kg 5.5
  • Dimension : mm 323 x 323 x 308
  • Consumption: 83W /0.75A (depending on power)
  • Voltage: 200-240V / 50Hz
  • Included: EC fan EBM Papst

Note: this fan is equipped with an EC motor. If a climate control device is used, then the climate control device must be EC-capable.

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