GrowControl Power Extender 4.0

GrowControl POWER EXTENDER 4.0

The GrowControl POWER EXTENDER 4.0 is an add-on product for the GROWBASE EC PRO.

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Art. Nr.:KLIGC07

390,95 €

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With the POWER EXTENDER 4.0, the socket outlets of the GROWBASE EC PRO can be extended by a further four sockets. Also here it is possible to program the sockets individually to the device you want to control. Once the POWER EXTENDER 4.0 is connected to the GROWBASE EC PRO, the GROWBASE EC PRO will display an additional menu in which the settings for the POWER EXTENDER 4.0 can be made. The devices are connected with a normal RJ45 cable (network cable). In order to switch even larger loads, the POWER EXTENDER 4.0 has its own power supply. Up to eight POWER EXTENDER 4.0 can be connected to each other, so that up to 32 additional sockets are available.

For example, the following devices are to be controlled:

  • Humidifier
  • Air dehumidifier
  • Heaters
  • Cooling units
  • Pumps
  • Lighting
  • and so on

Technical details:

  • Output: 3x 1200W Max / 1x 2300W Max
  • Shipping weight: 1,00 Kg

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Data sheet
Article category High End
Growth phase of the plant Combi (growth and flowering)
Cultivation medium All media
Sensors Time control
Controlling of Exhaust air
Controlling of Air circulation
Controlling of Lamps
Controlling of Supply air
Controlling of Air humidifiers and dehumidifiers
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