Air conditioning 

  • Ventilation sets
    Ventilation sets

    For the perfect cultivation the perfect combination of Growbox, lighting, substrate and aeration is needed. Therefore, we have compiled here some aeration sets. Now of course the question arises:

    Which aeration set is right for me?

    This question can be answered with a rule of thumb and that is:

    • 12 x (room volume + surcharge for activated carbon filter + surcharge for air hose) = necessary capacity of the ventilator (all in m³)

    Here is a short example calculation for our Growbox Secret Jardin Dark Room DR240W Rev. 2.5 with a room volume of 2.4mx1.2mx2m = 5.84m³. The allowance for the activated carbon filter (approx. 35% of the room volume) is 0.35x5.84m³ ~ 2m³ and the allowance for a 3m air hose (per m approx. 1m³ added) is then 3m³. The result is: 12x(6m³+2m³+3m³)=132m³/h

    To be prepared for everything in this example, we recommend the ECO 125 or the Pro 125.

  • Circulating air
    Circulating air

    Recirculating fans provide needed air movement during growth so that plants become vigorous and do not shoot up and then fall over.

  • Fan

    The air in the Growbox must be constantly mixed, which is ensured with supply and exhaust air systems.

  • Odor filter
    Odor filter

    Filters the air and provides a more odorless climate.

  • Ventilation hoses
    Ventilation hoses

    In order to be able to work indoorsGrowing fresh air to the plants, hoses are used to supply fresh air or remove bad air.

  • Control and Measuring devices
    Control and Measuring devices

    Climate control devices are used to control certain climate variables such as air pressure and temperature in the greenhouse.

  • CO2 control
    CO2 control

    Here you will find everything about measuring and control equipment for CO2 plants

  • CO2 Boost
    CO2 Boost

    CO2 Boost is a new system for the natural production of CO2, consisting of bucket and pump.

  • Air conditioners
    Air conditioners
  • Airsock

    Air is blown into the growing room through the bag evenly and free of pollen and insects, which is optimally distributed in the room and thus improves the microclimate.

  • Humidifiers and dehumidifiers
    Humidifiers and dehumidifiers
  • Silencer

    Silencers are used to reduce the sound transmission from fans and supply or exhaust air systems.

  • Heaters and heating mats
    Heaters and heating mats
  • Molded parts
    Molded parts

    For adapting different sizes of hoses to the ventilation opening of the grow cabinets.

  • Accessories

    Here you will find various accessories for our air conditioning articles.

At the indoor Growing is basically about imitating nature. In other words, the challenge is to create the right climate for your plants to develop optimally. In addition to the optimal amount and duration of light, this also includes the optimal amount of fresh air and air movement - and at the right temperature. Here you will find everything you need for this.

Air circulation : If you want to grow plants in an enclosed space, you must provide sufficient air movement. This is the only way to achieve a sturdy and natural plant growth. A fully automatic operation can be made possible with a timer.

Fresh air supply: can be provided by a ventilation system with supply and exhaust air. Activated carbon filters ensure odorless exhaust air and silencers enable quiet operation. Make sure that the ventilation is sufficiently large!