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BioBizz - the green grow fertilizer

BioBizz is a producer of grow fertilizer from the Netherlands. At BioBizz they put a lot of emphasis on a careful and sustainable approach to the environment.
That is why BioBizz focuses exclusively on organic fertilizers. Bio-fertilizers consist of organic components, such as plant residues

The fertilizers of BioBizz are all very high quality. In addition, due to the composition of organic components, damage to plants by overfertilization is not so easy.

BioBizz cultivation scheme (fertilization plan)

A nutrient plan could look like this, using fertilizers perfectly tailored to each phase of the plant.

BioBizz Zuchtschema (Düngeplan) Erde

If you want to grow your plants organically, BioBizz fertilizers and substrates are the means of choice! 

In the growing sector, it is difficult to get past the organic products from the well-known manufacturer from the Netherlands. We will introduce you to the company and its products.

An overview of the most popular products

BioBizz can now draw on almost three decades of experience - that's a lot of time for research into and development of effective fertilizers, especially if you take full advantage of this time, as the manufacturer does. There are now a large number of products among which beginners in the hobby can quickly lose themselves. To avoid this, we present the most important nutrient solutions below.

Bio Grow

Bio Bloom

  • Basic fertilizer for the growth phase
  • Consists of 100% organic sugar beet extract
  • Contains vitamins B1, B2, C and E
  • Basic fertilizer for the flowering phase
  • Ideal sodium-phosphorus-potassium ratio for strong flowers
  • Contains trace elements
  • Works independently of other fertilizers

Fish Mix

Top Max

  • Additional fertilizer for the growth phase
  • Causes excellent growth (even without Bio Grow)
  • Stimulates the production of microorganisms
  • Increases the formation of flowers and fruits
  • Improves the uptake capacity of your plant
  • Refines the taste of your harvest

Bio Heaven


  • Gives your plants extra energy
  • Increase their moisture retention
  • Accelerates nutrient uptake and prevents over-fertilization
  • Useful helper in case of over-fertilization or lack of nutrients
  • Perfect for constant temperature fluctuations
  • Gentle sodium-phosphorus-potassium ratio

Of course that's not all! In our range you will find many other BioBizz items with which you are prepared for every conceivable situation. If you don't want to put together your fertilizer yourself, the Starter-Package might be something for you

In addition to fertilizers and boosters, BioBizz also offers subtsrates, i.e. cultivatiobn media, which perfectly complements the manufacturer's nutrient solutions. We would also like to briefly summarize these for you.

AllMix Soil

LightMix Soil

  • Heavily fertilized soil
  • Achieve weeks of lush growth without heavy feeding
  • Has a high EC value
  • Beginner-friendly due to lower EC value
  • Also suitable for cuttings
  • Excellent drainage
  • Enables controlled fertilization


Worm Humus

  • Perfect for cuttings and young plants
  • Neutral growing medium with a low EC value
  • Lowers the pH to 5-6
  • Also suitable as an alternative to rock wool
  • Popular all-rounder
  • 100 % composted worm excrement
  • Particularly sustainable and good for your environment: The Worm Humus comes without peat

The BioBizz Starters Pack

If you have no experience with organic fertilizers and are not sure which fertilizer will alolow you to grow optimally, then BioBizz Starters Pack is just right for you. this pack contains all the nutrients your plants will need throughout their lives. 

What exactly it is all about and how you can use the set correctly, we explain in detail in our video:

The correct application - BioBizz Fertilizer Tables

Now that you have got to know the most important and popular BioBizz products, you should learn how to use them. Correct use of the various fertilizers plays a crucial role in successfull and impressive harvests. BioBizz gives you a useful tool for this: fertilizer tebls. These exist in two different forms and differ in the medium you have chosen to grow. 

Of course, we would also like to present these fertilization schemes to you, but before that we would like to point out one small thing. As Grow Guru, we have already gained a lot of experience in the field of hobby gerdening and growing - also with BioBizz products, which we use often and enjoy. However, we adjust the respective fertilization scheme a bit and achieve extremely satisfactory resulty

What exactly we are changing is explained below the tables.

BioBizz-fertilizer table for cultivation in All-Mix soil

BioBizz-Fertilizer Table for growing in Lightmix soil or Coconut Substrate

The two charts provide an excellent starting point for a successfull grow. Over time, however, our widely respected expert found out that it is often sufficient to add only 50-60% of the fertilizer concentration recommended by BioBizz to the irrigation water in the first two weeks and gradually increase this value carefully.

In addition we do not use Bo Grow and replace it completely with the Fish Mix fertilizer This supports your plants wonderfully with the hight nitrogen content during growth and thus drives them to undreamt- of heights. If you want to do the same, use Fish Mix until the second week of flowering and then discontinue.

Bio Heaven can work wonders and help you to have a rich harvest! But we think that BioBizz is sometimes a bit too good with the use of fertilizers. Here, too, you can only administer half of the recommended value without hesitation - the fertilizer is not exactly cheap either.

For us, Alg-a-Mic is more a savior in need than permanent support. However, you should note that organic fertilizers always work with a delay. So if you notice the first slight signs of illness or if you expect regular temperature fluctuations in the near future, don't hesitate to use the solution quickly.

We refer to our experience, but we are always happy to exchange existing knowledge with someone. If you need support with your individual fertizer plan, simply log in :)! 

BioBizz - Quality since 1992

The company is an old hand in the business and has been selling its environmentally conscious products for almost 30 years. <during this time, the composition of the various nutrient solutions has been constantly refined to help you really get the best out of your plants. The goal was clear from the start: environmentally friendly fertilizers that enable growers like you to cultivate sustainably and are in no way inferior to their mineral relatives. The success proves the mufacturer right - its products enjoy great (and still growing) popularity worldwide. 

By the way: at BioBizz, sustainability is not only in the fertilizers. The company attachesgreat importance to climat-neutral and environmentally friendly production.

In addition to the good conscience, the Dutch solutions have other advantages. The natural ingredients are more tolerable for your plants, so over-fertilization is much easier to avoid when using mineral variants. Thus, BioBizz products are also characterized by a high level of beginner-friendliness.

However, you should note that it may take a little time for the fertilizers to take effect. But don't let that put you off - it's easy to use. We are also happy to advise you!