Canna is one of the best-known manufacturers of fertilizers in the growing sector and has been producing reliable and productive nutrient solutions for your plants since the early 90's. The products of the Dutch based manufacturer are divided into a wide range and support you inn soil, coco and with hydroponic systems. In addition to mineral nutrients, Canna also offers organic fertilizers for an environmentally conscious and purely organic grow experience.

The most popular Canna Products

With the great veriety of fertilizers on offer, you can quickly lose your head. Whether you grow in soil, coco, substrate or with automated irrigation systems - you will be faced with a wide range of choices. To give you an overview, we would like to introduce you to a few of the most commonly used CANNA nutrients.

PK 13-14


  • Enhances the development of your existing flowers
  • Contains 13% phosphorus and 14% potassium
  • Supports cell formation and nutrient support
  • Stimulates root formation
  • Helps with recovery
  • 100 % organic
  • Ensures a balanced soil climate



  • Strengthens the defense system of your plants
  • Accelerates the reuse of dead root matter
  • Prevents the development of bacteria in the soil
  • Stimulates the formation of new flowers
  • Increases yield
  • Stimulates photosynthesis
  • Improves the taste of your harvest
  • Health booster

Aqua Vega

Aqua Flores

  • Perfect for recirculating irrigation systems
  • 2-component fertilizer
  • Supports your plants in growth
  • Helps in the formation of branched root systems
  • Increases flowering in hydroponic systems
  • Stabilizes the pH value
  • 2-component fertilizer
  • contains silicon, humic and fulvic acid
  • Enhances the flavor of your buds

By the way, we offer you the classic groth and flowwering fertilizers and the boosters for all substrates as well as for organic cultivation. just look in our assortment or contact us directly if you have any questions. If you are new to the hobby and the many different fertilizers may be a bit overwhelming for you, then the complete starter package is definetely something for you!

However, CANNA is not limited to nutrient solutions in production. Since the overall package is always important, you will also find soil and substrates that are perfectly matched to the fertilizers in our shop:

Terra Professional

Canna Bio Terra Plus

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor grows
  • Accelerates root growth
  • Nitrogen-rich composition for optimal growth 
  • 100 % natural ingridients
  • Fertilized too little? - The substrate self-regulates your plants for some time
  • Stabilizes the pH value

Coco Professional

Clay Pebbles Tongranlat

  • Provides optimal ventilation
  • Supports root formation
  • Can be used multiple times
  • 100 % organic
  • Perfect for hydroponics
  • Stabilize your plants without hindering their roots
  • Multiple air inclusions ensure an ideal oxygen supply

From the Products to the right dosing - the Fertilizer Plans

You know some important nutrient solutions that will provide your plants with everything they need for healthy development. However, this is only half the battle for success. To avoid over-fertilization or nutrient deficiencies, proper application is key to a bountiful harvest.

Over time you will surely create your own fertilizer charts that will allow you to get a good yield and work comfortably. To get you started, CANNA provides dosage recommendations that you can use as a guide until then.

We also use the CANNA fertilizers for the plants in our shop and have been able to gain experience with the various nutrient solutions. We tell you how we use them under the tables.

CANNA fertilizer schedule for soil

Canna fertilizer scheme for Cocos

Canna Dosage for Hydrocultures

Canna Fertilizer table for organic growers

The plans form an excellent basis for a successful cultivation. However, our experience has been that less is often morr and many maufacturers are a bit over motivated when using their fertilizer (who can blame them).

Therefore, we always use half of the specified values and look at the development of our plants. Our expert assesses this and then gradually increases the concentration. Especially wit mineral fertilizers, any nutrient difiency that may occur can be quickliy corrected in this way - but this is not the case with over-fertilization.

Many newcomers also fertilize a little too often. You don't have to add nutrient solution to every watering. If you want to do it like we do, just use it once or twice a week at most. So far, this procedure has alwys served us very well and we have been able to enjoy many proud plants.

We refer to our experience, but we are always happy to exchange existing knowledge with someone. If you need support with your individual fertilizer paln, simply Log in :)! 

Canna Terra - a classic

Canna was founded in the early 90's on its own initiative when the range of fertilizers could not satisfy the professional needs of ambtious growers. As a result, the two resourceful founders of the company simply created their own nutrient solution and gave it to a local shopkeeper to test. He was so enthusiastic and the results so convincing that the two creators decided to share their knowledge with other home gardeners in the form of CannaTerra.                                           

A long way has been covered since then, but the company has always remained true to its maxim: the provision of efficient nutrients for the professional cultivation of useful plants in the hobby sector. 

With a love and patience, an impresisive range of products has been set up over three decades, which helps gardeners worldwide to achieve imkpressive results. Each fertilizer and substrate is intensively and carefully tested before release to create ideal conditions for your plants. The knowledge that CANNA relies in the cultivation industry - so far without success.

So it is no wonder that many different fertilizers have emerged over time, specialized for different purposes. The various possibilities of useing these in a mature interaction are almost unlimited. However, this often requires a certain level of experience. 

CANNA is therefore mainly aimed at professionals and those who want to become one; We therefore recommend beginners Hesi or BioBizz. However, if you don't shy away from the challenge, or if you enjoy trying out different variants and comositions, the nutrient solutions from the Dutch veteran are just right for you.