Hesi is another successfull maufacturer of fertilizers from the Netherlands and is known for its inexpensive all-round fertilizers. The company's product range is characterized by a high level of beginner-friendliness, but still covers more than just classic cultivation in soil. You will find reliable HESI nutrient solutions in special product lines for hydro systems and cultivation in coconut substrates.

The most popular Hesi Fertilizer overview

In addition to basic nutrients for the growth and flowering phase, HESI also offers a whole range of additives and boosters that additionally strengthen your plants during their various life stages. These often serve specific purposes and can sometimes confuse those you are new to the hobby. We would like to help you keep track of what is on offer and list the most important and most popular nutritional solutions from Dutch manufacturers.

Root Complex

Super Vit

  • Improves fertilizer absorption
  • Stimulates the formation of strong roots and improves the soil climate
  • Perfect to star growing
  • Valuable amino acids for the immune system
  • Increases the production of growth and flowering hormones
  • Vital substances for beneficial organisms in the soil


TNT Komplex

  • Converts dead root mass into glucose
  • Provides more nutrients in the soil
  • Improves the biological balance in the substrate
  • Powerful booster for the growth phase
  • 100 % orgainc nitrogen
  • Ideal for young and mother plants
  • Minimal salt load

Hesi Boost

Phosphor Plus

  • Increases both quantity and size of your buds
  • Increases the sugar content contained in fruits
  • Accelerates matabolism
  • EC- and pH-neutral
  • Booster for maximum flower growth
  • Enables faster cell division
  • Contains phosphorus and potassium, which are important for the flowering phase

The fertilizers presented above are of course just a selection from a broader range of products. Most basic nutrients are available in different variants for soil, coc or hydroponics, while some special solutions, such as pH plus or minus correctors, are used universally.

In order to get an overview of the complete HESI range, it is best to browse through our range or sprichst uns bei Fragen direkt an.

To make your choice easier, HESI has put together three startre packs that are based on the retrospective cultivation medium. These contain everything you need for cultivation: 

Starterpack soil

  • Root Complex 0,5l
  • Supervit 10ml
  • Power Zyme 0,5l
  • TNT Komplex 0,5l
  • Blüh Komplex 1,0l
  • Phosphor Plus 1,0l

Starterpack Cocos

  • Root Complex 0,5l
  • Supervit 10ml
  • Power Zyme 0,5l
  • TNT Complex 0,5l
  • Hesi Coco 1,0l
  • PK 13/14 1,0l

Starterpack Hydro

  • Root Complex 0,5l
  • Supervit 10ml
  • Power Zyme 0,5l
  • Hydro Growth 1,0l
  • Hydro Flower 1,0l
  • PK 13/14 0,5l

Fertilizer Plans for the correct dosage

Knowing the products and their benefits is important, but only one side of the coin. Since fertilizers basically mean an intervention in the biochemical balance of the culture medium and thus of the plants, careless changes can sometimes have serious consequences for the developmen of your plants. For example, a lack of nutrients or burning of the cell structure due to over-fertilization can cloud the prospect of a good harvest.

There is no need to be afraid of this, however, as mistakes are part of the everyday life and development of every home gardener. In order to relieve you of this learning process to a large extent, many manufacturers provide fertilization schedules that are intended to serve as orientation for growers when concentrating the fertilizer. 

Of course, HESI is no exception and recommends you in the following tables how best to dose the respective nutrient solutions in relation to the growing medium.

Hesi Fertilizer Table for soil

Hesi Fertilizer Scheme for Coco

Hesi fertilizer plan for hydro systems

These plans provide a solid and reliable staring point for sustainable application. However, as Grow Guru we also have our own learning process behind tus and therefore want to point out a thing or two at this point.

In our experience, many manufacturers of fertilizers sometimes mean it a little too well when using their products. Of course nobody can blame them for that, after all they work wonderfully! However, our specialist department fertilizes according to a different principle:

We always dose the nutrient solutions with 50% of the specified values at first and then after a few weeks slowly work our way up to the recommendations in the table. This avoids over-fertilization (which, unlike a nutrient deficiency, cannot be repaired as easily) without having a noticecable loss in yield. So far, the results have proved us right: when using HESI fertilizers, we always enjoy large and strong plants, even with the above procedure.

By the way: You don't have to add fertilizer with every watering process. If you do this once or twice a week, that is absolutely sufficient in most cases.

We refer to our experience, but are always happy to exchange existing knowledge with someone. If you need support with your individual fertilizer plan, just get in touch --> melde Dich einfach :) !