HPS / MHL illuminant 

HPS / MHL illuminant

What are HPS or MHL grow lamps and how are they optimally used?

Sodium vapor lamps are normally only used in the vegetation and flowering phase. In the germination phase, ESL (energy saving lamps) or LED are usually used (also available from us in the Grow Shop ).

For the growing phase, a lamp with increased blue content should be used.

In the flowering phase a lamp with increased red light should be used. This is especially important, because certain hormones in the plant lead to increased flower production.

The required power of the lamp is calculated according to the rule of thumb 400 W per m².

What are the advantages of HPS / MHL grow lamps?

The depth effect of a HPS is much better (see PAR value), which is why a NDL is indispensable in the flowering phase for a high yield.

What are the disadvantages of HPS / MHL grow lamps?

HPS lamps consume a lot of power and a ballast is necessary, which should be placed outside the cabinet due to heat generation.

Due to the heat generated by the lamp, care should be taken to ensure suitable temperature control and sufficient distance.

Grow Guru Tips for HPS lamps

Tip No. 1: When using HPS lamps, we recommend a cooling device. CoolTubes (available in our store ) are ideal for this purpose. CoolTubes are reflectors with integrated lamp holder, which are connected to a ventilation system. The lamp is permanently circulated with fresh air.

Tip no. 2: You are a beginner in Growing-In the field? Then we recommend you a beginner complete set. The complete sets are available in different sizes, depending on the project size: 250 Watt / 400 Watt / 600 Watt. We also have a complete set for the small purse (Low Budget Grow Set) in our offer. But we recommend our complete set "price-performance". The components are of higher quality and you will achieve better results.