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  • Small (80s and smaller)
    Small (80s and smaller)
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    Medium (81s to 120s)
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    Large (121s to 200s)
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    Growbox Accessories
  • Grobo's Automated Grow Systems
    Grobo's Automated Grow Systems

    With minimal effort to the maximum harvest - for many Grower a long cherished dream. The automated grow systems from the Canadian manufacturer Grobo allow you to do just that: you plant the seeds and don't need to do anything other than have a little patience. Within 3 months, the innovative box grows your plant from seedling to harvest and takes care of everything during that time. Whether it's light, watering, aeration or pH balance, Grobo completely covers the needs of your plant.

    The systems and accessories you will find here with us in the Grow Guru Store!

  • Seedo: Box & Accessories
    Seedo: Box & Accessories

    The American manufacturer Seedo made headlines some time ago with its innovative, automated Growboxthe Seedo Homelab

    This wonderful device and everything you need for it you will find in the near future here with us - at Grow Guru!


What is a Growkit?

The Growbox box is virtually the central component of your next project. In the box, the plants will grow until harvest, under the best possible conditions. With the help of a Growbox you can determine the environment for the plants yourself. So you are always independent of, for example: the season, the weather and the light conditions. In addition, a Growbox possibly (depending on the location) undesirable odors reliably in itself.

Tired of plywood panels that were hewn together? A grow box offers you the best possible framework for your project.

No matter whether you are only looking for a small tent for your mother plant, want to equip your room with a high-quality box or want to create the optimal climate for your plants in a large space - we have what you need!< /p>

What is a growbox?

A grow tent is a tent that supports you in your indoor cultivation. In this you can store your plants as well as all your equipment such as lighting and ventilation.

The inside of the box is protected from external influences, which benefits plants that are not native to our climate zone.

With a grow box you can optimally control the temperature and humidity and thus create your own climate zone that offers plants the best possible condition.

The tents are also coated on the inside with reflective film that reflects the light and also directs it to areas that are hidden by leaves and twigs. This ensures that your plants are illuminated everywhere and can carry out effective photosynthesis.

Growing indoors with a grow box generally promisesm you more success and offers the opportunity to achieve high yields  

Of course, the box cannot do this completely on its own - to create the optimal climate zone for your plants, you need ventilation that matches the box and a good light source. However, the grow box is undoubtedly the cornerstone of any successful grow.

What you need to look out for when buying a growbox

If you want to buy a growbox, you are spoiled for choice. There are many different tents that differ in size, shape, equipment and quality. Most boxes have a square basic shape, but you will also find rectangular boxes that are ideal for growing or triangular tents that you can place in the corner of your room.

Ein paar der Growboxen, die Du bei uns kaufen kannst
Grow boxes come in many sizes and shapes

Before you can buy a grow box, you should go through crucial questions:

  1. What is the purpose of the box: do you need a tent for your seedlings or do you want to house a single mother plant? Are you looking for a place where your plants can grow until harvest or a flexible all-rounder?
  2. How much space do you have available? Is it enough for large 150 x 150 cm box or should it be a smaller 60 x 60 cm tent?
  3. What budget can you expect? Remember: A larger tent requires more ventilation and more powerful light sources.

These questions will help you to find the right grow tent for your exact needs.. 

We also recommend that you pay attention to the features of the box. Some tents have viewing windows or can be fitted with shelves that provide space for additional plants. You also need openings for the electronics and exhaust air, which should be available in sufficient quantities depending on your project.

An easily accesible box also makes it easier for you to work on the plants, while a double bottom means double safety and also prevents liquids from escaping from the inside.

Growboxen also differ in the inner lining. Higher quality boxes are often (not always) covered with a white foil, which reflects the líght better and illiminates your plants better.

Automated Grow Systems

In addition to the regular grow boxes. we also offer automated grow systems that are based heavily on inconspicuous grow cabinets and take care of your plants autonomously. 

Ein automatisierter Growschrank von Grobo, der Deine Pflanzen autonom versorgt und eine gute Alternative zu normalen Growboxen bietet.
An automated grow cabinet from Grobo

These are a powerful alternative for those who cannot tend to their plants on the regular basis. The systems have already installed their own lighting and irrigation and take care of well-being of your gree darlings independently. The nutrient supply and the adjustment of the PH value are also carried out independently.

If you want to know more about the autromated systems, just have a look at our category page.

Our Categories

Of course, we want to cover all requirements and ultimately offer you exactly the growbox that you need for your individual project - no matter qhat you have planned.

Our range is correspondingly large. To give you a quick overview, we have divided our tents into 5 Main Categories.

Der Grow Guru erklkärt Dir unsere Growbox Kategorien


Here you will find:

  • special tents for breeding
  • a place for your mother plant
  • Boxes smaller than 80 x 80 cm


Our medium-sized tents offer you:

  • floor area of up to 100 x 100 cm
  • space for up to 12 small plants or 9 normal plants


This category offers you:

  • tents for about 25 plants
  • enough space for efficient ventilation systems
  • up to 200 x 200 cm floor space

Extra Large

Here you will find huge professional tents:

  • max. size: 600 x 360 x 242 cm 
  • completely walkable
  • excellent quality


You will also need:

  • foils for the interior lining
  • connection flanges for your ventilation
  • climbing aids and nets
  • additional poles

Not the right box? Create your own set!

Individual, inexpensive and adapted to your project - our complete set configurator

Shopping @ Grow Guru

Why should you buy your growbox from Grow Guru? 

We attach great importance to your satisfaction - and that is not a standardized phrase. Satisfied customers come back and like to buy from us. It is precisely for this reason that we want to ensure that our service meet your requirements and wishes and that you can get the most out of our grow shop.

Ourt many years of experience show that something like this is always an ongoing process that requires constant adjustments and is based on communication. For this reason, we have a few valuable employees on permanent duty during the day who are at your side with any questions or suggestions. You can either reach us via our contact form or simply call us on +49 721 957 930 90.

Do you not like something or do you like something very much? Let us know! We are looking to your feedback :)

Your Grow Guru Team 

FAQ - common questions

For those who have little time and want a simple overview, we have summarized the most frequently asked questions:

What is a growbox?

A grow box is a tent for indoor cultivation, in which you can find space for your plants to grow and thrive and which also protects them from external influences.

In such a tent you can also have lighting and ventilation accommodate.

What are the advantages of a Growbox?

Plants need certain conditions to develop their full potential.

A grow box helps you to adjust the temperature and humidity to the needs of your plants. You can use it to create a climatic zone from which plants that do not feel at home in our latitudes will benefit most.

What should I look out for when buying a grow tent??

If you want to buy a grow box, it should of course fit your needs. So pay attention to:

  • The size of the box (it should also fit in your room :) )
  • The shape of the box (square, rectangular or even triangular?)
  • The equipment (some boxes can be expanded with shelves or offer additional access)
  • The lining of the interior (highly reflective film also brings light to hidden corners)
  • Your budget
Which grow boxes can I buy from Grow Guru?

You will find grow boxes in all sizes, from small 30 x 30 cm tents to 6 m tall giants. Regardless of the size of your budget or the nature of your project (growth, a home for a mother plant or a regular indoor grow), we offer you a wide range of high-quality boxes.

Should not be the right tent for you If you want to be there, you can contact us at any time - we can also get you your individual grow box outside of our range.